Wan Qian’s clothes are so good.


Although it is spring now,

But I believe there are still many people who can’t take off their jackets, right?


In fact, it is mainly because the wind in spring is relatively large. Some people wear coats to keep warm, but to resist the wind.


Therefore, the style choice of the jacket is also very particular,

When choosing a jacket, you must choose not only for the wind to resist the wind.

Instead, it is necessary to find a style that is suitable for you and can improve the sense of fashion.

There are many types and styles of the jacket, and the style is also a variety

So when you choose a coat, you must be cautious. Girls who do n’t know how to choose, you may wish to learn this article.

Learn from the female star’s coat selection

Wan Qian’s coat selection

It is precisely because the jacket is worn on the upper body, so we must pay more attention, and

After all, people are observing a person

The first notice that most of the upper body instead of the lower body, so the shape of the coat is very important.

Many people don’t know how to choose a jacket,

I think you can choose a jacket casually

In fact, no, the jacket also needs to be consistent with the overall shape to make your shape more harmonious.

So it is necessary to learn from the appearance of female stars,

Many female stars are very confident in dressing

, Their coats are also very temperamental. For example, female star Wan Qian’s coat can be used for reference.

Wan Qian’s dressing style is very suitable for girls to choose when traveling in private

, Make your daily wear can also become more fashionable. In this case, not only improves your personality, but also makes the return rate higher.

Wan Qian’s clothing is so good. A red nation’s style is wearing on his body and feels like walking with wind. Don’t take off your jacket in spring. Essence

Wan Qian’s coat shape wear

Selection: Red nation wind shirt

There are many styles of jackets, if you want to be more fashionable,


You can choose some niche styles,

This will also show your taste. Women do not look more stylish with the stream. May wish to use a gown to match yourself.

The gown can choose the style of the national style. In fact, the national style has no fixed style

, But as a Chinese, what kind of clothing has a minority atmosphere. I believe everyone still has sensitivity.

National wind gown can make the shape more classic,

It is recommended to use red as the background, and the gray -black wheat ears can be added as a print pattern.

Full of national sense, classical and elegant.

Matching: Gray knitted sling+high -waisted denim shorts

The choice of the inside and lower clothes of the red nation’s wind gown is also particular.

First of all, I recommend choosing a suspender vest


This style will look more cool and can highlight your good figure.

The suspender vest is recommended to choose a gray knitted fabric,

Gray is a relatively low -key color. The knitted fabric is very comfortable to wear on the body, and it will also show a gentle temperament.

And the lower body can choose high -waist denim shorts to match,

Although shorts will show their legs


However, the design of high waist will make the proportion of their legs better, making women’s figures look taller.

Other coats wear shapes

Gray grid coat+gray hoodie

Coats are very common jackets,


Especially for those women with more temperament

If you choose a coat, you will also make your image more elegant and advanced.

It is recommended to choose a gray lattice coat,

The gray grid coat not only shows the sense of elegance,

It can also make the temperament more retro, and the color is also very soft.

The gray grid coat can wear a dark gray hoodie inside

The shape of dark gray and light gray can look more casual, and then with a baseball cap, it is natural and natural.

Blue denim jacket+black straight skirt

Denim jacket jackets are also relatively common styles,

Many women in order to show their sense of leisure and casual sex,

You will use the blue denim jacket to match yourself. For women with a little age, you may wish to choose a dark blue denim jacket.

Dark blue denim jackets can be matched with black dress,

This shape is mainly based on dark colors, which will make the shape more retro and also show a relatively low -key temperament.

Black dress can try straight skirts,

Straight skirt is a relatively casual style, there is no modification effect

, But the victory is very easy -going, almost not picking up.

Gray -white stitching grid suit+same suit pants

If you want to make the shape more design and improve your own aura,


You can use a suit jacket to match yourself,

The suit jacket can choose the grid design of gray and white phase, which is a very capable shape.

Gray -white stitching plaid suit can choose the shape of the suit

It is recommended to choose a loose version of the same suit pants. It is more comfortable to wear on the body. A black T -shirt is also more casual in the upper body.

Do you learn these coats of Wan Qian? In fact, there are many jackets in the fashion industry to learn from and imitate. I hope everyone can improve their clothes.