China Mobile and Miao C4 Evaluation: The “Top Sumi” of the Children’s Watch Market


C114 News May 23 (Nanshan) In recent years, smart watches have replaced smart bracelets, becoming the most important category of the wearable market. Among them, the demand for children’s watches is particularly strong. Related analysis shows that by 2020, the size of the children’s watch market can reach 50 million units. In China, as parents attach great importance to children’s growth, education, and the increasingly complicated social environment, children’s watches have the characteristics of positioning, callable, and other characteristics. They are important auxiliary tools for taking care of children’s growth.


However, the market threshold for children’s watches is not high, and the products are uneven. After wearing it, children often become furnishings after wearing it. In view of this, China Mobile created the “He Miao” children’s watch series in 2017. What are the selling points that make parents satisfy parents this year?

China Mobile and Miao Children’s Watch C4

Basic performance strong performance

The first two points that parents think of their watches for children are brand and configuration. China Mobile’s official information shows that the Hero Children’s Watch C4 is equipped with Qualcomm MSM8909W processor, equipped with a 1.4 -inch IPS screen, stored as RAM 512M+ROM 4GB. And a 5 -megapixel camera and 800 mAh battery, which belongs to the mainstream configuration on the market. Now in the summer, the weather is hot, and the children will inevitably play outdoor play. In order to reduce the heat, they may play in the water. Start to ensure the safety of children.

Children are nice, and parents are always distressed to take their children to shopping. They can never find their children. They are worried that their children will lose. Considering this problem with the Miao Children’s Watch C4, it is equipped with nine regulating functions, including GPS and Glonass, including GPS and Glonass , Beidou, Badian Station, WiFi, Acceleration Sensor, A-GPS, Camera Auxiliary, Interior positioning. The actual measurement in the high -rise environment shows that it can be accurately determined to the child’s location:

It is not easy to do this. Behind it is the hard chip, device material cost, and software development. Not every manufacturer is willing to invest. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the Miao Children’s Watch C4 also supports the real -time positioning of roaming abroad. Even if traveling abroad, parents do not have to worry about not finding children. They can rest assured that they can monitor the position of the child anytime, anywhere, and relieve their worries.

Too many tedious operations when using the phone to use the phone can easily lead to children’s communication with parents. China Mobile is the first operator in China to build a VOLTE network. The quality of voice is clearer. Support voice dialing to reduce operational troubles.


He Miao Children’s Watch C4 Dial

Parents are sometimes busy at work, and they can’t see their children for a few days. A video call can solve the thoughts in different places. Based on the high -quality 4G network, the C4 video call effect of the Miao children’s watch is also very good. The 5 -megapixel camera is displayed very clearly on the 1.4 -inch screen, and the child’s current situation can be clear.

Camera camera interface

In terms of waterproof design, He Miao Children’s Watch C4 supports IPX8 waterproof, which is also the highest waterproof level “diving level”. Children do not need to take off their hands or even take a bath. It is not a problem to wear water fighting. Based on this waterproof ability, when the watch is still wet, you can still call and video.

When children play water, they can still call

Another basic function is worth mentioning, that is, power consumption. Based on low -power chips and a 800 mAh battery, and Miao Children’s Watch C4 Theory 48 hours, from the actual use process, there is basically no problem for two days to charge for two days. Compared with most children’s watches on the market, this is excellent performance.

USB charging


Simple and practical social functions

In addition to polishing the basic functions with the Miao Children’s Watch C4, there are also a lot of effort in social functions. Children’s watches with the brand can chat with each other with friends. It is not a children’s watch with the same brand as long as it is added to China Mobile’s construction and the seedlings ecosystem, it can also be used to support text and voice, which is very convenient.


He Miao Children’s Watch C4 has a built -in “Hede Miao” voice assistant, which can be awakened with one click. In addition to voice calls, you can also view music, stories, and chat.

You know, using smart terminals are no longer a patent for adults. Children are also very interested. In learning and life, smart watches are the most convenient communication tools between children and children. Putty.


Micro -chat interface


He Miao Children’s Watch C4 is also a “teacher”: Based on built -in magic college tools, when parents cannot counsel their children, children’s watches will help. Online translation helps children’s learning growth process.

Essence of Xueba


Parents are paid by mobile, and children can actually! He Miao Children’s Watch C4 is also an online “coin purse”. Built -in Alipay wallet, easy to pay for the code, parents can set the payment limit and balance reminder. Each consumption of children remembers clearly. Compared to carried cash, no need to worry about the child’s loss of money.

QR code scan code payment


The menu design is simple and clear, and the common functions are clear at a glance.

Parent -side intelligent supervisor

In the era of the national movement, children’s physical development must also be cultivated from an early age. The built -in stepmeter in the watch can see the daily exercise of the child to facilitate the supervision of the children’s exercise level to meet the standards.


After installing the app, parents can see the photos synchronized in the watch. Pay attention to the child’s situation in real time. You can also remotely record the child’s beautiful moments. The following are some hidden intimate and practical functions.


There are two colors of red and blue with Miao Children’s Watch C4. In addition, it is also aired on the “Avengers 4: Final Battle” movie. It can be described as creative, so that children can enter the fantasy superhero world.


It is talented and has a face value. As a “top student” in the industry, China Mobile and Miao Children’s Watch C4 are undoubtedly worth the attention of parents.