Are you living alone, “Burning Dry Pot”? Patching smoke alarm


The net whose netbook introduces the usage of the smoke alarm for the elderly. Dachang street for map

“Install this equipment, once there is an abnormal fireworks, will contact the community and children in the first time, really provide a safe barrier for our lives in the living.” Too gratitude! “Looking at the kitchen just installed in the kitchen Hao Mingfa, a sense of alarm, Hao Mingfa, living in New Zhuang Community, a large factory, is very happy.

It is understood that there are many people in the old people in the largest cultural area, and some old people have “burning dry pots”. This year, 24 communities in the streets fully robs the residence of the elderly living alone in the jurisdiction, after the comprehensive evaluation of their health, safety habits, living environments, etc., decided to install free smoke alarms for 396 living in the jurisdiction .

This installed smoke alarm, can detect the smoke concentration in the room, once the smoke concentration exceeds the standard, it will automatically send a high-decocheted alarm, not only reminding the old people to pay a risk in the house, but also can set a police feelings through management platforms. Emergency contacts occurring, so that the elderly children and community grids can receive calls, SMS and other notices in the first time of the danger. At the same time, when the old man encounters physical discomfort or accident, you can also grow according to the button alarm on the alarm, add “Double Insurance” for personal property.

During the installation process, the community grid patients with patiently detailed to the elderly the function and role of the smoke alarm. “The alarm is installed in the kitchen and living room in the kitchen, and it is where they can get. We will also remind the old people, the alarm is just the” wake-up aid “, the key to fire safety is still In order to strengthen safety awareness, use gas and electrical equipment safely. “Xinhua Qi Village Network said Liu Yongli said.


At present, the installation project has been completed. Next, the big factory street will continue to combine the operation of the smoke alarm and the fire protection work of daily residents, pull up the fire safety “first defense” of the elderly, and do a good job, warm and warm.

Author: Xia Xiyu

Source: Nanjing Daily