Women’s linen dress. The simple style design requires a good version to perfectly display



In the design of women’s clothing, I still prefer minimalist style.

I think it’s simple to the extreme.

To reflect its beauty of minimalist clothing, it is necessary to work hard on the design: style design, structural design plus good fabric and perfect sewing process, and it becomes a classic without paying attention.

Let’s take a look at the styles we are talking about today


L code scissors sharing

The drawing unit of the cutting drawing is centimeter. They are all cleansing drawings, without hairy seams, and need to be added to the side during production.

Clothing length: 110cm shoulder width 35cm bust 94cm (pure body plus 6cm loose amount)

The length can be added and subtracted according to your preference.


You need other numbers to push the board according to the file difference of 2.5cm in length 4cm.

Below is a draft of tailoring above the waist section

The following is a schematic diagram of the transfer of the chest province.

The painting method of front and rear skirts. The skirt is folded according to the length of the front and back waist joints


Production process and sewing process

Selection of fabrics: linen

The flax fabric should be treated before cutting, and it can be washed or dry.

After drawing the diagram according to the above -mentioned tailor drawing. Different sewing processes plus different sewing edges. Cut

1 Sewing order, the middle part of the front and rear films, the length of the upper section of the knife mouth is smashed to the top of the film

2 In the position of the front chip waist section, make 1.5-2cm inner stickers as drawing tunnel.


3 The side seams and shoulders of the upper and back waist joints are sutured.


The position of the 4 neckline can be made into double layers, or the sewing process of the inner edge can be made

5. The cage is made of inner bag. The edge of the edge should be cut with a oblique 45 degrees, and the width can be 3.2cm.

6 Remember to leave the exit of the tunnel when the stitching side seam

7 Sewing 1cm wide belt with this cloth

8 Switching front and rear skirt side sewing, and leave the position of the side sewing bag for side sewing pocket

9 Niubi roll edge 1.5-2cm Broken folds to fit the waist joint


The waist crushed folds, the side sewing bag, the effect of the hedge

Okay, the production is complete


The whole production is not particularly complicated, but there are certain requirements for the sewing process

It is recommended to sew it with a 9-inch needle at 8-9 stitches. Sewing threads require the consistent tension in the face and flat sewing.


The bright line of the edge of the hem curly and the neckline should be wide and narrow.

In the later period, it is best to adjust the temperature in the opposite side to avoid high temperature starting. Fortunately! Intersection Intersection

This style is actually very simple to wear.

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

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Women’s linen dress. The simple style design requires a good version to perfectly display