It is better to wear than shorts! The underestimated “denim skirt” was finally on fire, fashionable and versatile and covering meat


Walking on the street in summer, you will see a lot of girls who like to wear shorts. Every summer, shorts are very popular. It is convenient and versatile. It can interpret a variety of types. It is also a very popular item in the fashion circle.

However, for such single products that everyone likes and bias towards basic styles, a problem will be prone to occur, that is, everyone is wearing, spreading all over the streets. In this summer, the “denim skirt” that is better wearing and undervalued than shorts is finally hot, fashionable and versatile and covering meat!


The advantage of the skirt is that it is both meat and feminine, especially the self -contouring and high -level sense of denim fabric, which can cover some shortcomings on the figure, better modify the curve, and easily create to create a creation of it. Fashion and high -level sense.


Small directory in this issue

1. Classification of denim skirt

2. Denim skirt matching skills

3. Denim skirt with practical exercise



Classification of denim skirt

After the summer, the reason why women’s matching is difficult is because there are too many items, which will make people dazzling. I don’t know how to choose every skirt. It has its advantages. Understanding.

Each item actually has a variety of categories, especially the skirt. Although it is the same fabric, the style and suitable crowd are different. In terms of denim skirts, it can be roughly divided into two categories in terms of style, one is long models, and the other is short.


1. Denim in the denim: fashionable and handsome


The summer style of denim is relatively stiff, so after becoming a long skirt, it will give people a sense of hardness, clean and neat. Even small girls can control the right style. A fashionable and handsome style is very different from the temperament of short skirts, and it is more qi and domineering. Therefore, the denim skirt is also very suitable in some business scenarios, and it is completely relative to the style of the shirt.


If you are a small girl and want to wear a denim skirt, you can choose the irregular and slit style of the tail, which can better lengthen your legs. It is relatively easy to control. Not bad.

2. Denim skirt: versatile and good control

In comparison, denim skirts will be better controlled, because the limitation of height is relatively small, and it will not be particularly restricted to better control. More lovely.

The biggest advantage is that it can show the length of the legs. The more exposed positions, the more obvious the effect of showing the legs, but every girl should cover the position of the thigh roots when choosing. They are relatively thick.


But remember not to be too vulgar, too short, it looks even worse. With some ladies’ shoes, it will greatly improve the overall temperament, while high heels have more domineering aura.

Short skirts are a type that can show a light and casual temperament. It can transform a variety of styles. As long as the items are matched with the overall matching of the style.

Denim skirt matching skills

TIPS1, high waist version is more friendly to the body

Although it is said that summer is very hot, most women are willing to wear denim skirts in summer, which can easily create an elegant and retro taste.

The high -waisted version will be more friendly for the figure. Whether wearing long or short models, the high -waisted style is mainly based on the high -waisted style. Summer style.

TIPS2, moderate length exposed ankle


Even women who have great advantages in height have moderate lengths when choosing a denim skirt. This year’s skirts are particularly popular to reach the ankle, but for ordinary people, it is difficult to wear a noble temperament, and it is particularly easy to press the height. Therefore, it is recommended that women, whether they choose long or short, The position of the ankle and part of the calf has been exposed.

The long version can expose a part of the ankle and calf belly. The high effect is very good, and it can be more domineering, and it will not give people a feeling of a nest.

TIPS3, with the right shoes

Shoes are one of the very important combinations in summer. The degree of fit between the denim skirt can show a style. Therefore, it is recommended that women choose the appropriate style when they are matched with denim skirts. In daily life, canvas shoes and cann canvas shoes and can be used. Sneakers are mainly sneakers. They will be a bit uncoordinated with the overall style when they are paired with high heels, and they will also be greatly picky about the style of the skirt.


In daily life, if you want to go out more quickly, a pair of simple canvas shoes or sandals can be easily solved, creating a sense of high -level and not losing the elegance of women.

Denim skirt with practical operation

Look1, blue T -shirt+irregular denim skirt

The dark blue T -shirt has a printed element, which is simple and atmospheric. In the summer, this basic style is the most popular. In order to show a coolness, the denim skirt matched by the lower body is short, with irregular ones Design, interspersed cross sense, gives a graceful temperament, especially after matching the flat -bottomed sneakers, it is more relaxed and casual, full of age.

Look2, white T -shirt+blue high -waisted denim skirt

The cooperation between white and blue has always been very young, showing thin legs, and a sense of age reduction. When choosing a long -knee long skirt, it is the most appropriate to reach the calf belly.

With the more popular flat -bottomed sandals this year, even 30 -year -old women will be elegant, which will not give people a feeling of deliberate tenderness. The white T -shirt with the upper body has a special square collar design. The overall body is Cool and clean.



The matching of denim skirts is more changing than the style of shorts. It may be more neutral and cooler in the style of shorts for formation, but the skirt is more gentle and feminine. It is easier to wear temperament!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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