The down jackets also have to be expensive, leather down jackets are fashionable and tasteful, middle -aged women really should try


#What to wear today#



The weather is getting colder and colder. For most girls, wearing it has become a problem. After all, in the cold winter, you can only choose

Thick down jacket

To create a woman who looks very fashionable, with taste, no matter what dress wears, it can make the temperament become temperament

It’s outstanding enough.


However, the direction of the choice is different from ordinary people. Maybe others will choose

Basic down jacket

And women with high taste will choose to match

Bright down jacket.

Through the bright down jacket, it presents a more advanced sense of fashion, and this style is relatively speaking

More texture

, Able to make match

More divided,


The colder the weather, the down jacket is relatively speaking

have more advantages.

It will not make the style show the situation of bad streets, but shows more niche

trendy style

If you want to wear different people, you can see what there are

It is worth trying and choosing.

The style of down jacket needs to be complied with these points

Version design

Down jacket

Version design

It will make some changes in details, but most people will feel that the style of down jackets may be simple

Daily style

In fact, down jackets are also divided into different versions.

Such as common

A -line skirt

, Or H -shaped down jackets, these down jackets have a common point, that is, the appearance design looks like


More atmospheric

, Can make the style also show

More temperament

If your image is more ordinary, but you want to pass the simple matching style.

To create your own temperament, you can choose one from it, which one is suitable for you

More modification

It means that such a down jacket is more suitable for you, and it can be improved to match it



If you don’t want to make the match look fat, you can choose a short down jacket as much as possible. The most suitable style can be achieved

Avoid the strengths and avoid weaknesses

The effect, otherwise there will be more problems.


Color style positioning

Most people don’t know, the style of fashion depends on the style

The attribute of color,

One color is exaggerated or low -key, which will affect our style.

For example

Black style

For down jackets, most people choose to try this kind of down jacket to create their own

It is because black down jackets can give people stronger

sense of security

It makes people feel that this fashion is not easy to make mistakes.


But some people choose to match exaggerated


In the end, I found that the style is not pleasing, but it shows it


, So in order to make the matching not easy to make mistakes, we can try to choose as much as possible

Safe color,

The gray down jacket is

best choice.

This style is not only practical, but also allows daily matching

The warmth effect is stronger

The most important thing is


Double the thin effect

It is more advantageous than other colors. No matter what kind of figure, wearing black down jackets is completely fine.

Fashion fabric screening

The styles of down jackets may be similar, but the design of the fabric is different, and the feeling of showing will gap. Like a bright down jacket with a bright noodle style, it feels more


And this fabric

More special

, Can make the match more attractive, if you just choose ordinary ones

Fabric style

The down jacket does not look fashionable.

Instead, there is an unspeakable effect. With bright down jackets, it not only improves the individual’s

Sense of fashion

, Let temperament look

more perfect

, Can also easily create

A gas field style


For fashion Xiaobai, this kind of down jacket is relatively more even more


With advantage,


Even if you wear ordinary, you will still show stronger


Different styles of down jackets create analysis


Simple style, mainly combined with high -end color system

The down jacket is a very basic item, so in the style of style, most people will choose a casual style. In fact, in addition to this style, we can also try

Simple style.

Simple style is relatively more even more


How to build it is to pass some through some

High -grade color

Come present, for example, choose

Earth color system

Fashion, like camel down jackets, is the best choice.

This color is relatively low -key, the most important thing is to make the whole person’s temperament become

More Advanced

And no matter which age, wearing advanced color down jackets is no problem, and there will be no restraint.

It will only make the overall temperament get better and better. Many times Xiaobai does not know. Except for black down jackets, try more

High -grade color

, Also make your personal temperament look

Comfortable style, fashion version is mainly loose

The fashion style that most people like

Mainly comfortable style

This style is relatively similar to casual style.

But the state of display is different, but more interpretation

Lazy temperament

, The match looks unrestrained, pursuing a kind of

Free state

For women with obese figures, wearing slim fashion always feels restrained, but with



, I will gain more

There are more wearing and wearing


And there is no need to worry too much about body figure. After all, loose down jackets will not expose body defects, but can be stronger.

Modification and tolerance

, Make your body look

More perfect

Personal style, the accessories cannot be less

The basic style has been worn for a long time, and it will inevitably feel boring, try

Full personality

The style of the individual will be improved. You can choose a fisherman’s hat or sunglasses. These

Very decorative

The single product.

Be able to make individuals

The image is more prominent

And creative style will be more accurate, after all, the style that it represents is very

Outstanding state

, So we do n’t need to waste more time, rack my brains to think about how to shape the style.

The down jacket also has to be more expensive, leather noodle down jacket

Fashionable and tasteful

, Middle -aged women should really try, especially middle -aged people also need to wear down jackets



, High -level and special skin texture,

It’s very expensive.

Bright down jacket.

trendy style







Sense of fashion

more perfect