Desktop handheld two -in -one Xiaomi released summer artifact desktop mobile fan


News on May 16th, seeing that summer is coming. A few days ago, Xiaomi released a summer artifact that supports the desktop and handheld two modes, and the Mijia desktop mobile fan. In addition to the desktop handheld -holding intimate design, this desktop mobile fan is still wireless and supports long battery life as high as 18.5 hours. With such a thoughtful design, I believe that even if facing sweaty outdoor, it can be a lot cool with it.

桌面手持二合一 小米发布夏日神器桌面移动风扇

Judging from the officially released price of 109 yuan, the cost performance of this fan is still quite available, and because the DC brushless motor has been added, compared to the market’s buzzing noise, the Mijia desktop mobile fan has achieved extreme low noise. (Noise is only 34db (A)). 7 large -scale wind leaves design. After the 4th gear can adjust the wind power, the desktop mobile fan with a volume of 6m³/min is more powerful.

桌面手持二合一 小米发布夏日神器桌面移动风扇

In addition to the 4000mAh large battery, this desktop mobile fan also supports the currently popular Type-C interface. In this way, not only the socket charging, but also charging with a charging treasure at any time outdoors, completely fearlessness.

It is worth mentioning that the design ID of this desktop mobile fan still uses the iconic white design of Xiaomi, which is extremely simple in the overall appearance.

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