Wen Bixia really gives an example at the age of 50! Wearing lamb fur with a half skirt, the airfield is full, and the return rate is super high


It is said that after women are old, they will become conservative in dressing, and even wrap themselves tightly in winter, but at the actress, the age is a string of numbers. In terms of dressing, they still spare no effort to show their charm, and even often perform the graceful dressing.

Speaking of older women, Wen Bixia is really the best of them. This female star who has become famous in the last century has been debuting for decades, but this sister is still so young and beautiful. Without leaving too many traces, relying on the beauty, the sister was stunning in dressing, saying that she was 30 years old.

Putting on small knowledge: lamb hair jacket, age reduction also has both warmth

It ’s normal to keep warm in winter, but you ca n’t put your essence to wear in order to pursue warmth, so it has been favored by women in recent years. Women also often take it to concave shapes. Lamb hair not only has excellent warmth effect, but also has a certain age reduction effect. It is really perfect in winter choice.

The long -lost appearance, Wen Bixia who appeared at the airport is also very powerful. Choosing a lamb hairy jacket. The short style is more attractive than the traditional version. You must know that she can dress like this. ,very nice.


Wear a small knowledge: put on a hood, low -key but full of highlights

穿衣方式的好坏也是会影响整体的美感度的,尤其是冬季外套,太多方式可以选择了, 敞开衣摆可以削弱臃肿感,套上帽子,酷酷的外在形象,看似低调,却It has a different sense of fashion, so the quality of dressing in winter can enhance beauty.


Wen Bixia’s control of the details of dressing is indeed an old fritter level. It will not miss any details. This lamb hairy coat of this hood is directly covered by her. The low -key dressing method is more and more eye -catching, when walking at the airport.

Putting on a small knowledge: Do not temperature, do not want the temperature, with the full -filaments of the silk skirt


In the face of a jacket like lamb hair, the matching of the next dress does not have much attention, because the outstanding age reduction effect of lamb hair is the only one in the winter jacket. In the face of such a season The order is the best. It is too stunning to cover the limelight of the lamb hairy jacket, and it will lose it, but this does not mean that it cannot be concave.


Wen Bixia has definitely made a good example for 50 -year -old women this time. Elderly women can also shape in winter. When facing the lamb hairy jacket, the goddess uses the skirt of satin silk. The dress is really amazing, the aura is full, and the beauty is too much.

Put on small knowledge: with the boots in the flocking leather, long legs are like dew, non -dew, high return rate

Winter shoes are also more concerned. Compared with several seasons, winter shoes are obviously richer, and the style is the same. If you choose a skirt style, it is obviously a lot of items like boots. It has the effect of keeping warm, and it can also show the cool handsome fan of the shape. The most important kind of dew -like dress is too attractive.


Wen Bixia, who is about to run 6, can be said to have done a thorough in winter to wear textbooks, lamb hairy skirts and boots for 50 -year -old women. The return rate is super high.

QS: Wen Bixia has a soft spot for wearing a hat. What are the ways?

Choose TIPS: hooded jacket

The lamb hairy jacket is indeed excellent in fashion effect, but sometimes because of the single nature of color, a dull sense of vision appears. Therefore, lamb hair is also cut in style. The design of the style, compared to the stand -up collar, likes the hoodes like Wen Bixia, fashionable and has a good age reduction effect, which is very beautiful.


Choose TIPS: Jazz Hat

Women’s hats are rich, there are clothes, and there are single wear. Compared with the clothes, the single -top hat -style is more limited by the style. The style becomes very single, but each hat style is recognizable. It is very high. Take the jazz hat of Wen Bixia, simple and simple, but through the matching between clothes, it can easily recessed the coolness and handsomeness. It is very young.

Choose TIPS: Big Eaves Hat

The hat can not only be used to increase the temperament and charm of the controller. It is also very good in modifying the face shape. This is also a common trick for many women. As the age increases, the face shape will have a sense of prosperity. Choosing a peaked cap will look bigger, but the big brim hat will be different. The wide brim will look small in the face, and the recessed shape will come from the recess.



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