exposure! Point -hole camera, the picture quality is actually 4K! Sneak shot, the market for selling candid equipment is even more rampant


Source: CCTV Finance

Recently, when some tourists lived in hotels and homestays in the consumer market, they had a sneak shot in the room where they lived.

Stealing personal privacy equipment is a pinhole camera or pinhole camera. The lens of this device is only the size of the needle, and the sound and picture of the shooting are clear. When people are filmed by a pinhole camera, the voyerer installed in these devices, even in the horizon corner, as long as there is a network signal, you can see you clearly clearly Clearly.

Huaqiangbei street public calls for selling pinhole cameras

Huaqiangbei Business District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the well -known electronic product distribution center. CCTV Finance “Economy Half Hour” reporters found that many vendors are on the street with billboards with dozens of different appearances and sneak shots in their hands, holding pedestrians, and selling their pinhole cameras and eavesdropping equipment. Sales staff, under the day of light, openly sell such equipment on the street.

Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

The division of labor in these sales staff is very clear. The person who sells on the street will not carry the actual objects and eavesdroppers. Once a buyer follows these salesperson to enter public places, when preparing to see the goods, the sales staff on the street will immediately notify the real stock sellers. They are all all of them. Understand that these pinhole cameras are prohibited by the state.

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Business District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

As early as 2014, the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, and the former State of the State Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the “Regulations on the Prohibition of illegal production and sales and the” special equipment and “pseudo -base stations” equipment “. It is stipulated to prohibit natural persons, legal persons and other organizations, production, sales, and use of special equipment and “pseudo -based stations” equipment. However, in Huaqiangbei, this underground industry chain is openly selling illegal products.


After a few days of contact, the reporter gained the trust of the vendors. Soon, they brought a real thing to the reporter: the modified plug -in board. From the appearance point of view, it is exactly the same as the ordinary plug -in board. The pinhole camera is hidden in a small hole on the side of the plug -in board. Even if you pick up the plug -in board carefully, it is difficult to find the pinhole.

Converted into a pinhole camera for the plug -in board

The camera of another pinhole dispelled into a socket was hidden in the socket jack. The socket can be opened, and the switch, charging port, and memory card of the pinhole camera are hidden.

Point camera that disguised as sockets


After the reporter brought the socket -type pinhole camera back to the hotel installation, it was found that the screen shot by the camera was very clear, there was no noise during shooting, and the lens did not have a red light. Putting on the wall will not attract the attention of others.

Screen taken by pinhole camera


Pixel camera and ordinary sockets are in the same sockets to sneak auction and eavesdropping

A reporter from the “Economy Half Hour” found that in Shenzhen, these prohibited items of pinhole camera can not only be seen publicly on the streets of Huaqiangbei, but even sold in the mall.

Shenzhen Pacific Security Market


In the 3C96 shop on the 3rd floor of the Pacific Security Market in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, an undeveloped socket attracted the attention of reporters. This socket -type pinhole camera is very similar to the socio -vendor.

The owner told reporters that this socket -type pinhole camera is more powerful compared to other. The pinhole camera is hidden in the small hole in the lower right corner, so the five electrical jack can still be used normally, which will not attract the attention of the subject. This candid camera can shoot 4K high-definition videos, and can also connect to the network through Wi-Fi. After the installation, as long as there is a network, even if you are far away, you can watch the shooting videos in real time on your mobile phone, and a mobile phone can install multiple sneak shots, each can be switched.

Socket -type pinhole camera

A shop called “Feiyang Digital” on the third floor of the second floor of Huaqiang Electronics World. The owner posted the signs of “recording video pen” and “video bracelet” in the counter to recruit business. A “recording video pen” can not only be written like an ordinary pen, but also can install a memory card after opening. A pinhole camera is hidden on the pens.

The second store of Huaqiang Electronics World, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: It cannot be sold on the ground, and the industrial and commercial bureau cannot be sold when they come to check.


The owner said that there were many pinhole cameras in the mall in the past. Although the state is strictly prohibited to sell, no one wants to lose the opportunity to make money. If you check the frequency and stricter, everyone will be hidden, converge, and check it. Everyone can continue to sell.

The second store of Huaqiang Electronics World, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: There are only a few in my store. People will check the big households. I am generally retail.

Recording and video pen

Article 284 of the Criminal Law stipulates that if the illegal use of eavesdropping and the special equipment for stealing and illumination, if it causes serious consequences, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of two years. Since the beginning of this year, the “sneak shots” incidents in all parts of the country have been sanctioned by law.

So, where is these pinhole cameras produced? The reporter checked the socket -type pinhole camera sold by Shenzhen Huaqiangbei found that there were no factory names, sites, contact information and quality qualification certificates on the packaging box and instructions. The pinhole camera sold by Huaqiang Electronics World is also a three -free product.

Pixel camera “Three Wuxu” packaging box


Not only Shenzhen, the reporter also discovered the phenomenon of public sales and theft equipment in Guangzhou. In the market of Haiyin Electric in Guangzhou, various pinhole cameras and eavesdroppers are sold on multiple counters. As for whether they are allowed to sell, the merchants say they just sell the goods to make money. As for who bought it and what they used for, they don’t care.


Guangzhou Haiyin Electric General Exchange

During the investigation, the reporter also noticed that these pinhole cameras and eavesdropping equipment are also hot -selling products online. Some people even use WeChat to sell a wide range of pinhole cameras in the circle of friends. A pinhole camera, disguised as a signal amplifier. It has a super small lens and supports 4K high -definition video recording.

A seemingly lighter is actually a 1080P high -definition pinhole camera. It is not only non -pervasive, but also ignites. They are hand -made and supports machining. All electrical appliances can be converted into pinhole cameras.

1080p HD lighter camera


Observe half an hour:

Regardless of the purpose, it is illegal to stole a pinhole camera. It violates the victim’s personal privacy and is suspected of illegally disseminating criminal acts such as selling personal information and extortion money. This kind of prohibited item is full of socially caused multiple damage to the victims, causing tragedy to occur.

The country’s three orders and five applications, explicit laws and regulations, require serious cracking down on such criminal acts. But at the moment, such products have begun to appear in the market again, from production to sales, to the sales of multiple channels such as the Internet, and have formed a complete industrial chain.

Regarding these darkening illegal and illegal acts, I hope that relevant departments will make heavy punch, see practical results, and rectify this crooked wind in the market. “

To rectify the market crooked wind, you need to punch