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“Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not a Taiwan. There is nothing at all. Where is the dust …”

Perhaps a lot of play enthusiasts are constantly chasing various Bodhi because of this sentence.

Little fire is a common Bodhi Illustrated Book, which aims to summarize and share, hoping to give players help. It has nothing to do with faith, only connected to the play.

One, King Kong Bodhi:

Da Jinga Bodhi was produced in Nepal, and Diamond was produced in Indonesia. After several years of playing, it was very beautiful.

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Note: Dalmon Bodhicatta Plasma Plasma

Note: Little King Kong bag

For King Kong’s lines, no discussion here, what is the first generation of Panlong, second -generation Panlong, Kirin pattern, and ghost face lines. Little fire thinks that except for a generation of Panlong, other lines are indifferent, just look at the meat and not meat.

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Note: Need for Diamond icon

Second, Phoenix Bodhi:

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Phoenix Bodhi was produced in Nepal. Earlier, Xiaohuo wrote articles about Fengyan, Longan, and Kirin Eyes before. Longan and Kirin Eyes are equivalent to the aliens in Phoenix eyes, which are relatively rare and rare.

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Note: Phoenix Bodhicatta Bag Map

Note: Longan Bodhicatta Bag Map

Note: Kirin Eyes Metro

At present, there are skin ball Bodhi, imitation longan and unicorn eyes on the market. If you need to understand, please pay attention to the small fire “true and false unicorn eyes, bright blind you”.

Three, Xingyue Bodhi:

Xingyue Bodhi is currently the most common in the market, as well as Mani seeds and golden toad seeds.

Note: Xingyue Bodhi Pack photos

The discussion of Xingyue Bodhi has a long history, and a lot of articles about Xingyue Bodhi have been written in the past. Please refer to it.

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Fourth, Lotus Bodhi:

So far, Lotus Bodhi has remained mysterious, and various legends are also flying. However, now there is a grafting technology, so the lotus bodhi is also divided into wild and grafting. Then the small fire will post a special article to introduce the lotus bodhi, so stay tuned.

Note: Lotus Bodhisattva Bag Model

Lotus Bodhi is a relatively small category of the audience. People who like them like it, and those who don’t like them do not touch it.

It is characterized by expensive, very expensive, and it is a manifestation of identity.

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Five, drop blood lotus bodhi:

With the reputation of Lotus Bodhi, the blood lotus bodhi also has the market, but they are not a thing. But the price of blood lotus has a lot of people.

I have seen a friend’s plate in a small fire, and it is also very beautiful after the slurry.

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Six, five eyes and six Tong Bodhi:

Because there are five small holes on the top, there are five seeds inside, like five eyes, the first and tails are connected into a hole to wear a bead, so it is called “five eyes and six pass”.

Note: Five Eyes and Six Tong Bodhi

Seven, wealth rat bodhi:

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This played bracelet has only come out in recent years. The large round is the top product, and the paste is relatively fast, but the cleaning in the early stage is more troublesome. There are many silk things in the fruit.

Note: Fortune Rat Bodhi

Nine, Bodhi root:

Bodhi roots are a kind of thing that played Buddha beads, dozens of dollars, but it is really beautiful to play.

Note: Bodhi packet pulp effect (elephant skin)

Ten, Qianyan Bodhi:

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Thousand Eyes Bodhi is very common on the Wenwan market. Many players are keen to polish Qianyan Bodhi, grind the magnificent patterns, and then play with it.

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Note: Thousand Eyes Bodhi polished

Note: Thousand Eyes Bodhi Bracelet

Eleven, ghost face Bodhi:

Due to the texture, ghost face bodhi, it looks like a ghost face, so it is named:

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Note: Ghost Face Bodhisattva Handsheld

The ghost face Bodhi belongs to the niche Bodhi, and generally do a lot of car hanging!

Twelve, blood silk Bodhi:

Little fire once played a bodhicitta head, with a handheld with a Bodhi root. The unique pattern on the blood wire bodhi is still very beautiful, and it is also made of beads with blood silk Bodhi.

Note: Blood Silk Bodhisattva Bodhisattva

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Thirteenth, wood -sufferless sons Bodhi:

There are also bodhi named Bodhi, but also belong to the niche, but some players really like it.

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Note: Wood -affected son Bodhi

After the play can also be used to change the bright pulp.

Fourteen, Sunzi Bodhi:

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The sun bodhi is named after the sun -like bud eye.

Note: Sunzi Bodhi

Fifteen, the moon bodhi:

Note: Moon Son Bodhi

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Sixteen, Golden Line Bodhi:

The golden thread Bodhi is also named because of the texture, and the lines on the Bodhi are very beautiful.

Note: Golden Line Bodhi

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Seventeen, Guanglingzi Bodhi:

There is a story behind each Bodhi. If you want to understand, you can Baidu, and the fire is unwilling to tell this story.

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Note: Guanglingzi Bodhi

Eighteen, Red Heart Bodhi:

Some people are also called acacia beans and blood bodhi. The red ones are more loving. Naturally, it will not fade.

Note: Red Heart Bodhi

Nineteen, Golden Bell Bodhi:

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Golden Bell Bodhi is named after its appearance.

Note: Golden Bell Bodhi

Twenty, Burma Bodhi:

Seeing it a few years ago, it seems that it has disappeared in the past few years.

Note: Burma Bodhi Bodhi

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Twenty -one, Niu Tou Ghost Face Bodhi:

It is estimated that this kind of rhombus is more strenuous to play?

Note: Niu Tou Ghost Face Bodhi

Twenty -two, keel Bodhi:

This natural growth shape is white, and it is also called white jade keel.

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Note: keel Bodhi

Twenty -three, iron tree seed Bodhi:

Although this is called iron tree seed Bodhi, it is actually the fruit of a pine tree.

Note: Iron Tree Seed Bodhi

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Twenty -four, woodfish fruit Bodhi:

It is named after the shape, looks like a wooden fish.

Note: Woodfish and Fruit Bodhi

Twenty -five, Big Buddha Bodhi:

It looks like a big Buddha’s hands, so it is named.

Note: Big Buddha

Twenty -six, Guanyin bottle Bodhi:

It looks like Guanyin Yujing bottle.

Note: Guanyin bottle Bodhi

Of course, there are many kinds of Bodhi, which will not be repeated here. The above 26 are relatively common. If there is any omissions, you are welcome to add friends to add friends!

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The above are small fire originals. The words of the family are welcome to correct!

Copyright belongs to the “Little Firewen Play Sale”, and illegally reprinting plagiarism must be investigated!

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