Android Dingcao Cat Year Card (WeChat group, one -click forwarding, automatic friends)


Android Dingled Cat function

Android Dingwang Cat 2.0

┄┄ ┄┄ ┄┄ 帆 帆

┌┄┄ ┌┄┄ 战 战 战

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└┄┈ Quality ┈┈┘

The new generation of reposting speed function “0 seconds send”

The strongest defense is easy to use or expensive after -sales is guaranteed

Ding Ding Cat is perfect and smooth

The new number can be powerful and cannot be blocked

Automatic like automatic comment


Add a group of friends with one click

Add nearby people with one click

Wanqun synchronization function

Create desktop shortcut

Full automatic 24 -hour automatic account receivable


Receiving voice broadcast amount

Sport steps automatically like

Automatic synchronization circle of friends

Exclusive forwarding collection voice

Full automatic message defense withdrawal

Full automatic group management function

Automatically add through friends

Automatically check the shield/zombie powder

Batch choice to delete the circle of friends

【Exclusive Function】

① Customized area

② Customized change amount

③ Global virtual positioning

④ Share location of the circle of friends nearby

⑤ Infinitely add WeChat avatars

⑥ Exclusive custom voice seconds 1 second voice voice

⑦ forward upload and upload local 25M long video

⑧ Douyin quickly go to the watermark to forward the circle of friends

Genuine never seal the number is as stable as Taishan

【2.0 New features】

2.0 new red envelope custom color/fist

Exclusive built -in latest official 7.10 version

Avoid reducing after -sales and downloading it.

For more functions, please see the official website material

Android Dingcao Cat official website:

Android Dingwangcat, serving WeChat with your heart

Perfect adaptation 10 system is working hard to update

For details, please ask customer service SISI393734


For details, please ask customer service SISI393734