Temperament women wear these three long coats in winter, warm and comfortable, fashionable and thin


The influence of clothing on a person’s temperament is very great, and the coat is a must -keep item for autumn and winter. Of course, in addition to warmth, of course, it cannot be pulled down in appearance. It is recommended to wear more long jackets here, just like these three models introduced below. They are comfortable and comfortable.


1. Long knit sweater


Knitting fabrics have always been the love of people in autumn and winter. The characteristics of skin sticking make it very comfortable when putting on. If you usually like to use it inward, then you might as well try the knitted cardigan.

For example, the long cardigan matched by the blogger in the picture makes the soft fabric make the whole look very gentle and intellectual. Coupled with the loose version, it also has enough tolerance for the figure. Whether it is a slim figure or a slightly fat body, Can be worn well.

This kind of gray -black in the figure is relatively cold and casual visually. In fact, it can also use other gentle tone, combined with knitted fabrics to create a more colorful and uniform style.

This bell -colored cardigan is perfectly interpreted by the elegant style. In terms of matching, there is no need to use some bright colors. It is a good choice to use simple colors. Black and blue make the shape a little more age -reducing and handsome, and the fusion between the items is very clever and coordinated.

Second, long down jacket

The down jacket has long been the iconic representative of winter. The advantages of lightness and warmth can perfectly meet the needs of people’s cold season, and the long style will of course be warmer.

Like the down jacket in this picture, the length is straight to the knee. If the zipper is pulled, it is obviously very significant for the warmth effect of the body. However, many women like to wear it open, in order to avoid fluffy fabrics, and they also look very free and easy to wear in this way, and the sense of fashion is instantly filled.


Although black is the first choice for dirt, it is too dull, and it is easy to hit the shirt when walking on the street. It seems that there is no personal characteristics. White and down jackets are a pair of very good CPs, which are combined to give people a very elegant and beautiful feeling. Woman who is worried that fat women can prepare a belt and pull up the waistline, it can also show a beautiful beauty. curve.


Generally speaking, the simpler the color, the higher the degree of acceptance of other colors, so when wearing a white down jacket, you can also boldly put on it. For example, this red top improves the recognition of the shape in an instant. Under the modification of white jackets and pants, it is relatively easy to wear or pick people. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about it.


Third, long coat


Women who like to watch the fashion blogger look will definitely find that the appearance rate of coats in their wear is very high, which can also show that in the concave type, the coat is obviously better.

For example, this white coat, simple double -breasted+soft and textured fabric, looks simple, so it is a style that most people can control. If you want to show your temperament, you may wish to match a pair of black boots, which is high and thin, and it is more fashionable.

If it is a woman who likes to work hard in terms of dressing, you can also add some alternative designs when choosing a coat, which will look more distinctive. For example, using classic checkered elements, you can further enhance the fashion image in winter. Of course, do not be too excluding the color matching, and the simple color matching will be even greater.


The coat in the picture is also very designed. The collarless design used in the upper part seems to be very neat. You can use the shirt to turn out the collar of the shirt to increase the sense of layering. Without the design of the pockets on both sides, the overall style has a strong sense of leisure, and mature women will wear more fashionable charm.

If it is just a woolen fabric, a girl who is afraid of cold may feel that it is not warm enough. At this time, you can try the double -sided stitching coat in the picture. The inner layer is a fluffy material. At this time, there will be no risk of being short and fat in the outer layer, and both the two needs of warmth and fashion.


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