Such a RV hotel, one 6 than one!


Such a RV hotel, one 6 than one!

Today, I want to know what the RV hotels in the hearts of your friends are like?


According to the “Thrillist” website, many small partners have only stayed in people’s imagination about people’s imagination about the thoughts of living in trailers.

There is a picture in people’s brains -the RV is messy, the space is small, and there is no hydropower.

like this:

This is far from many friends in the luxury hotel.

But today, Xiaobian wants to tell many friends

In fact, RV hotels may be more even more than hotels ~

Many RV hotels in the world like to use retro romantic design inspiration.

They can drive the cool breeze RV through their country and enjoy the journey of camping.

You can also stop and enjoy a luxurious journey.


Let ’s take a look at the coolest mobile motels in the world for friends.

Bon Camp Youth Hotel -Bonn, Germany

This indoor trailer parking lot was once an old warehouse and is now calling for the decorative trailer to join.

The parking lot includes 120 beds placed in 15 trailers, 2 sleeper shops, 2 Qingfeng brand RVs, and various other cars. Each bedroom with wheels has its own theme, including hunter trailers in fur coats, water red transformation shows, etc., and every bedroom is equipped with a lawn.

So what is its price?

$ 30 to $ 175 per night (RMB about 181 yuan to 1059 yuan).


(It is almost the same as the domestic RV camp charges)

EL COSMICO Hotel -Malfa, Texas, USA


This hippie -style residence can also be called “nomadic hotels and camping fields that cover an area of ​​18 acres (about 7 hectares).”


The hotel has 7 extremely cool dragging vehicles, as well as a group of conical tents, general wild camp tents, and dome tents. Like the Cochetla Music Festival, there are also concerts such as architecture, cooking and art classes, writing song studios, movies, and “cross -Percusk music+love” to enjoy you.

This is actually a hippie -style trailer hotel.

$ 110 to 175 per night (RMB 665 to 1059 yuan).


Daniel Hotel -Vienna, Austria

There is only one trailer in this hotel, but this trailer is indeed the most luxurious one in the world.

This car was produced in 1952, with a length of 22 feet (about 6.7 meters). This Qingfeng brand RV has a very simple and luxurious space of 172 square feet (about 15.9 square meters). It has a large bed, a separate bathtub, air conditioning, tablet TV, and wireless network that can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What is its price?

About 150 US dollars per night (about 907 yuan).

Grand Daddy Hotel -Cape Town, South Africa

This may be the only four -star trailer in the world. This must also be the only trailer with a roof to stop station.

There are seven breeze RVs in this hotel, and each car has its own mailbox.


The seven cars are designed by 7 different local artists. Its design is from the dot -dot pattern costumes of the Dolsi trailer room to almost all the beds of Lennon and Ono Yoko Ballad.

$ 117 per night (about 708 yuan).

This monthly tide trailer is one of the largest and equipped with an independent living room and bedroom

(It can be said that this is better than all the hotels we have lived).

Kate’s lazy desert -Randez, California, USA

The famous B-52S band member Kate invited artists Philip Marbery and Scott Water to convert six high-end atmospheric RVs into the theme of the Tyzang statue, which is dazzling and colorful.

It is 175 to 200 US dollars per night (RMB 1065 to 1210 yuan).

It may cause mild dizziness because its structure is like the internal structure of the rock -soluble lights we imagine.

Meteor -free off -line Qingfeng RV Hotel

——Ita Eskhate, Utah, U.S.

Eight dazzling breeze designed by traditional specifications are surrounded by large stairs, Eskarag, and Diksci National Forest. For this kind of building, cowboys should be on the Duke.

The Duke is a trailer with a length of 31 feet (about 9.4 meters). American male star John Wayne used it in the film “Searchist”.

It is equipped with leather furniture and short horse hair, with western decorative style. The hotel also has an on -site movie theater.

What is its price?

149 to 168 US dollars (RMB 901 to 1016) per night.

Belrepayre Qingfeng RV and retro trailer stopped


——Foron, France


The trailer parking in southern France was owned by two former circus performers. They said that “they are not abandoned trailers, and they are dazzling trailers.”

There are ten genuine Qingfeng RVs from the 1940s to the 1970s. Each car has the theme style of a certain period including the 54 club and the hunting expedition. They have kitchen and outdoor barbecue areas, and even on -site bars. This bar is located opposite a breeze RV.

So what is its price?

It is 110 to 160 US dollars per night (RMB 665 to 968 yuan).


Shady dell trailer parking field

——Maizona, USA

The nine high -end atmospheric aluminum trailers are equipped with a fashion hurricane in the past.

You will return to a simpler world, a better moment.


People here are flesh and blood, and they have a few cups at work.

$ 87 per night (about 526 yuan).


This wave of operation is enough



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So what is its price?

So what is its price?


What is its price?

What is its price?

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