Tang Yan is getting more and more foreign, wearing a red knitted cardigan with jeans, it looks young and fashionable


The cardigan is one of the highest upper upper and upper menu items in the early spring. The cardigan is usually relatively simple in design. There are not too many highlights and eye -catching feelings, but they can obtain it with their changing styles and super versatility. The love of many fairy girls, Tang Yanchun chose a red knitted cardigan, with the lower body with high -waisted jeans and a playful lady.

Tang Yan’s styling analysis:

Short up and down -classic match wearing a perfect figure proportion

Tang Yan is getting more and more foreign, wearing a red knitted cardigan with jeans, it looks young and fashionable. Tang Yan’s height itself is very tall. In addition, this clothes use a very classic and short -height matching method to present a perfect figure proportion. The lower body with high waist -style jeans can raise the waistline and stretch the leg shape.


Red knitted cardigan

In the early spring match, there is no need to be so rigid in color matching. If your figure is slim and skinny, and the skin tone is also fair, you can boldly try some of the bright colors in the early spring. It can make people’s eyes shine and make the overall shape look more spring.

Waist design+loose wide -leg pants

In the matching of the body, you must know how to use different tightness to match the sense of superiority in the body. If your figure belongs to a very slim and bone -sensitive type of waist, you can use Tang Yan to accept it like Tang Yan through it by receiving like Tang Yan. The items of the waist style design show the slimness on the waist. The lower body with loose -style wide -leg pants can ensure the comfort of the match.

Analysis of other styling of Tang Yan:

Black suit playing with a lower jacket disappeared


The classic black suit top is simple and beautiful in color design, but in terms of matching, it can interpret a variety of different matching styles. Simple conventional suit can be worn in the workplace, showing sufficient sense of aura and seriousness, and a sense of seriousness, and a sense of seriousness, and a sense of seriousness, and a sense of seriousness. The medium -length leisure suit can show the lines of beautiful legs through the disappearance of the lower shirt, which enlarges the body’s superiority.

Comfortable wind sweater+color matching jeans


The loose sweater will show sufficient comfort on the body. This kind of single product can perfectly compare the sense of fashion and comfort in the daily outlet matching. The lower body is matched with two different colors with colored jeans. Methods to present a sense of visual complementarity and richness.

Red coat+black leggings


The classic color matching method is indispensable. In addition to the same color matching, black and white matching with black and red is also the most common. The bright and white Chinese red coat is full of atmosphere. The style of black leggings, tightly upper down, and the simplified matching method presents a very complementary effect.

Earth color set


For mature women, you can try some earth -colored clothes in daily outlets. Black is relatively stable but relatively light and heavy, white is refreshing but easy to show fat, and the earth color is just in these two types of these two types. In the middle of the color, it is both durable and practical.

Mahai wool sweater+checkered skirt

Solid -colored wool wool sweater with classic and classic and French romantic plaid skirts wear a lazy and casual mature woman charm. You can also wear a fluffy design sense, plug the excess clothes of the top into a little skirt, and the upper ligament line can extend the proportion of the legs while you can wear more three -dimensional sense.


After Tang Yan was born to be a mother, the state of the whole person not only did not decline, but instead showed a feeling of a higher level. Whether it is a dignified and stable style or a fashionable and hot style, she can be killed by her. dead.


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