“Monthly News” | Live data fake? Take a look at the e -commerce data of the personal clothing industry in May.


1. Nine major categories in May e -commerce platform sales

Since the second quarter of the second quarter, the personal clothes industry has generally showed a monthly recovery trend. Due to the relatively small pressure prevention and control pressure in third- and fourth -tier cities, recovery progress is faster than first- and second -tier cities. Driven, growth is still significantly faster than offline. On behalf of the company’s personal clothing industry, with its richer online and offline channel layout and a more solid operating foundation, the heating speed is significantly faster than small and medium -sized competitors.

In May, the online channels of the personalized clothing industry were sold for about 3.5 billion yuan in the two mainstream platforms of Tmall and JD.com. Compared with the April growth rate of 45.83%, the industry is in a state of repair. The overall online sales are expected to rise sharply.

In May, the online sales volume of personal clothes has reached a new year.

The online sales of personal clothes are gradually restored, and the joint driving sales of multiple festivals has risen sharply, such as the May 1st Labor Day, 520, Five -Year Shopping Festival, etc.; In addition Thanksgiving “Over 7 hours, a total of 172 products, the number of viewers in a single game reached 117 million yuan, and the number of likes exceeded 100 million yuan, setting a new record for the live broadcast industry.

Home clothes, bottoming shirts/leggings have risen, and in recent years, the premier indicators of the season change.

Among the fitting products, the most obvious impact on the body temperature is the most obvious is the home clothes wearing inside and the bottoming shirt/leggings worn outside. In May, the sales of home clothing was nearly 750 million yuan, an increase of more than 80%. In addition The change of the seasonal signal gun also shows that consumers’ acceptance of home service is getting higher and higher, and the market is huge. The trend of the leggings+Oversize tops has quietly become among female consumers. It is expected that the market performance of the leggings this year will be due to the years.

2. TOP10 of each track in May

(1) Drain

Ubras, admiration, and urban beauty sales double.

The faster brands this month include Ubras, admiration, urban beauty, Neiwai, Emmajiao. In the middle of the period, it is still a situation where big brands are competing with each other. UBRAS is the fastest -growing and stable brand of this month. On the first day of Tmall 618, UBRAS’s 9 -minute turnover surpassed the whole day of last year. The combination of comfort is sought after by the gorgeous design. Emmajiao, who is also strong, has once again entered the monthly TOP10 with the price of over 700 yuan/piece. We also think about whether high -end products that are not strong as Boiatine but have a high price of high -end prices have formed a trend in the domestic market? Need to continue observation.

618 is the celebration of e -commerce, and it is also a good time to clean up inventory.

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As one of the largest beneficiaries of the Internet dividend, online sales (especially emerging e -commerce channels) are no longer negligible. In June, e -commerce events are indispensable. Operating live broadcasts, membership e -commerce and other channels can double sales. Therefore, the diversification of marketing channels has also put forward high requirements for business management. Affected by the epidemic this year, the inventory problem is even more obvious. At the same time, the Q1 stop work and cash flow problems affect the progress of the new product production product. Brand owners should make reasonable arrangements on inventory discounts and new product release.

(2) Women’s pants

Cats have a strong growth and among TOP 2, and the overall competition in the track is fierce.

Since the beginning of this year, the two giants of Antarctic and Arctic velvet have long stood TOP1 and 2 for a long time, forming the head echelon. In May, the monthly sales volume of cats was ultra -North Polarpy. Cats, Arctic velvet, banana, and women’s underwear of Antarctic people are the basic models of pink. The price of cats is between the Arctic velvet and the banana. Cats in live e-commerce companies have increased rapidly, and once again verify the efficiency of emerging e-commerce companies in the personal clothing industry; second, the mid-end suit women’s underwear of 50-70 yuan will gradually become the mainstream, consumers are willing to spend more money to improve girls to improve girls. Underwear quality.

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The comfort and health appeal emphasized by women’s pants are still the main trend.

At present, the women’s pants market is still the mainstream of cotton women’s pants. After the big -name stable women’s pants pattern, it is expected to guide the market consumption upgrade.

(3) Men’s pants

Men’s pants ranking is stable, and high -end product market potential.

The overall ranking of the track is stable, and the scale that the Antarctic people are unshakable and the owner’s leading product force to form the first echelon. It is worth noting that the performance of CK and banana inner men’s pants on the representative of medium and high -customer unit prices has gradually stabilized. In recent years, the trend of exquisite culture and women’s hopes to create exquisite partners is becoming more and more obvious. It is expected that high -end products have high potential.

Men’s pants have greater demand for antibacterial and comfort.

Men’s pants still take comfort and antibacterial as the main needs, and products with more advantages in comfort and price are more attractive in the current market.

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(4) Home Service

Antarctic people and Fenteng led, and Uniqlo grew rapidly.

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Antarctic people and Fentat still firmly occupy the first echelon position of the home service. The total prediction of the last month was 5,000+ million, and the turnover of this month was nearly 65 million. The Uniqlo continued the growth rate of April, and the turnover doubled this month. Uniqlo Home Service is the hottest for girls’ home service that can almost go out, and new products are children’s home service.

The activity scene of home service has a tendency to expand to the community, and children are a new consumer group worthy of attention.

“Family Culture” has a trend of scene extension, and the space expands. The design needs to pay more attention to the integration of leisure clothes.

“Home Culture” has reshaped the traditional Chinese home culture positioning, and the home is obedient. From the comfortable quality to the design taste, the future design will better affect consumer decision -making.

(5) Sports underwear

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The first echelon of the brand leader with international competitiveness.

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Youyou is one of the representative brands of swimwear. It is expected that the performance will be good in the next few months. At present, the product line has expanded to sports underwear worn in the gym. The Australian brand Lornajane and the Runaway Lori returned to the top. The sports underwear track still focused on cost -effective products.

The trend of sports underwear is obvious, and summer is about to sell.

Several female stars became popular in sports underwear. After the domestic street culture walked from underground to the public sight in 2018, the popularity of street tide products was out of control. At the same time, more and more consumer movement “punch cards” and upload social networking sites for photos. Therefore, after meeting basic protection and ventilation functions, beauty and sexy will be an important indicator of consumers. At present, street culture is the main popular element of sports underwear.

(6) Body -shaping clothes

Cats have entered, and the industry rankings are unsuccessful.

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The competitive landscape of the body is not formed, and the changes have changed frequently. In addition to Dabeni, a monthly sales of more than one million (including nearly one million), the comprehensive evaluation is poor. The market that needs to be strong in the market. Representative companies such as Cats and Ubras continue to be on the list and are expected to guide the quality of the product of the body to develop in the direction of strong products.

「月报」 |  直播数据造假?看看5月贴身衣物行业电商数据吧

The consciousness of body management has increased rapidly, the future demand for body shaping clothes is huge, and the actual effect is still the core of future products.

Long -term observation of the shape of the body clothing track, the current product gimmick on the market is often greater than the actual effect, and the sense of design cannot satisfy consumers.

(7) Socks

Antarctic people and Langsha drove together, and the seasonal demand was initial.

The sales of Antarctic people and Langsha Month have exceeded 70 million, and the comprehensive types and high cost performance have received good market reactions. The banana has continued to grow at high speed. The recent performance is better, which is also related to the design of the young generation.

The trend of strengthening the design sense has obtained market proof, and we should pay more attention to the shopping power of young generations.

The big brand of cotton socks pays attention to the selection of fabrics, and the fast -growing brand Caramella and the banana are all working on the design.

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The sense of design is easier to start.

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Compared with the selling point of antibacterial and breathable, products that pay more attention to designing elements will gain the favor of consumers faster in the future. From the current products, warm -colored Japanese and cute elements are more popular in the market.

(8) Keep warm clothes

(9) Bottom pants/bottoming shirt

Bottom pants/bottom shirt is a signal of Jichang, and the brand outside the head is small.

Except for Antarctic people, other brands are relatively small, and they are not good in description, service, and logistics evaluation.

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In the future, brands still need to pay attention to product quality.

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Third, explosion trends

Fourth, China -Swift view

Online channels are a channel that the brand must pay attention to.

It can be seen from the emergence of the epidemic that brands that have laid out online channels have more points, and their ability to resist risks is strong. At present, the degree of e -commerce in the personalized clothing industry is still low. Young consumption habits are used to shop online. The construction of online channels is conducive to reshaping the brand tone and entered the young consumers.

At the same time, online channel construction needs to pay attention to consumer experience.

At present, the sense of experience in online purchase is poor, and the quality of the product is different. The brand of personal clothing needs to pay attention to the product of the product from design to quality control. In addition, you can try more new channels. The higher the higher, the new online and offline new formats are formed.