Baby food supplement-meat filling small buns do this, nutritious and delicious


Especially suitable for small pot friends, the dumpling skin is not good for digestion

By Qiong Ran y y y



A moderate amount of flour

1/3 of carrots

150 grams of meat filling

1/8 onion

1-2 celery


1 egg yolk

1/2 eggplant

How many drops of olive oil

Moderate amount of yeast

Practice step


1. Rinse the water and carrots, remove the water, remove it, put the water with the water together in the supplementary food machine, and break them separately.

2. If you are rough, you can filter the residue. When the water temperature is not hot, add the yeast

3. Pour the flour and uniformly, do not stick to the hand, cover the cover and wake up

4. Adjust the stuffing material according to your preference


5. Rub the noodles, rub well, roll the skin, roll the skin, wrap it well


6. Put it in the pot for twice and send it twice, the dough is 2 times larger, and it can be lighter.


7, high fire, about 15 minutes of water.5 minutes after opening the pan

8. Out of the pan


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