Let’s find out: the maintenance method of conference chair


The conference chair is an indispensable furniture in the conference room. We can generally see that the conference chair has mesh, leather, solid wood and other materials, because the conference room is the representative of the company. But how to maintain it? Next, Shang Meige will take everyone to find out.

1. solid wood conference chair

The guests of the conference room enter and exit, it will inevitably not bring some bacteria from the outside. You can wipe it with water, which can be kept bright and sterilized. There are dust on the surface, you can use the chicken feathers to sweep. The color of the chair is dim, and it can achieve a new effect by painting.

Second, leather conference chair

The cushion is often sitting, and it is inevitable that you will not sit to deformed. You can pat it with your hands until the original. Do not get close to the leather conference chair when you have hard items. Do not use dishmade and laundry powder when cleaning the leather conference chair, which will cause the leather conference chair to lose its gloss.

Third, web conference chair

This conference chair is well maintained, but it does not need to be maintained. The mesh of the mesh conference chair will accumulate a lot of dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck every day, and then wipe it with a towel with water.


Fourth, avoid direct sunlight


The three conference chairs mentioned above cannot be directly shot by the sun, because if the sun is directly shot, solid wood furniture will crack and discolor, and leather furniture and mesh furniture will be fell.

Five, coloring

The conference chair has been used for a long time, and the color has faded.