How long does the antifreeze on the car change? Don’t be deceived for 2 years and change it for 2 years


This depends on the model, the anti -freezing solution is also the type, it is like: many people wear contact lenses, as well as monthly throws, half -year throwing, daily throwing, annual throwing?

The difference in the replacement cycle of the original car is very different

Many masters say “Anti -Frozen Line for 2 Years” is not suitable for all cars.

A car with a short period of replacement is indeed possible to change in 2 years

Judging from the maintenance manual of the car, the replacement cycle of the antifreeze of different models is actually very different.


It’s like: the same thermos cup, some are already cold water from 3 to 4h, and some are still hot when 30 to 40h, which causes a sip of water for a day.

If it is a car with a short period of replacement cycle, it may be changed for 2 years. For example: Geely Star Yue and Geely Emperor, the maintenance manual stipulates that 2 years or 40,000 km must be changed once.

There are almost almost this replacement cycle in domestic brands.

The replacement cycle is relatively long, you can change it until 10 years

Some cars with long replacement cycles are basically 8 to 10 years.

For example, the replacement cycle of Honda anti -freezing fluid is 10 years or 200,000 km, and then it is replaced every 5 years or 100,000 km every 5 years or 100,000 km. Honda Accord and Guandao are like this.

Ford Ruijie also requires 10 years or 205,000 km to replace the antifreeze.

Some car companies even said directly: “Anti -freezing fluid? Anti -freezing solution is not maintained, don’t care about it, don’t change it.”

For example, the Audi Q5 car owner manual says that the engine cooling system is a mixture of the processed water and coolant additive, which does not need to be replaced. There are also, you see, there is no cycle.

If it is a post -added antifreeze, look at the brand’s regulations


The so -called “original” that I just said is that the car is bought. If the antifreeze that is added later, it will not only look at the car, but also depends on its brand and specification model.

For example, the long -term anti -freezing liquid that my family is selling can only be replaced by 5 years or 250,000 km. Friends who are interested can take a look.

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Bai Shitong Automobile Anti -Frozen Cooling Supplement Mixed Mixing

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The regulations of different brands of antifreeze will be a bit different, and different series of different brands will also be different.

For example, the domestic brand Great Wall anti -freezing liquid, the FD series is recommended for 2 years or 60,000 km, and the YC series has become 5 years or 300,000 km.

It is best to take a look when you buy it. It’s okay to look lazy. Ask the merchant how long to change, he will never answer wrong? Right?

Anyway, you can’t blindly follow the original marking, otherwise there may be problems.

Different replacement cycle is mainly determined by the ingredients of anti -freezing solution

The reason for the replacement cycle of antifreeze is so different, not the difference in quantity. The composition is different. The main components of the commonly used car antifreeze are water and antifreeze.

Changchun University of Technology Zhang Yuan has a master’s dissertation, “Research on Preparation and Antimilative Corros of Corrosion of High -Performance Anti -Frozen Anti -Frozen Lights”, above.

The antifreeze is composed of water, antifreeze and a small amount of additives. Among them, water and antifreeze account for 95%of the total, and the additives used only account for 5%of the total antifreeze.


But these 5%additives, especially the corrosion agent, directly determine how long the antifreeze can be used.

It’s like: a computer, a small CPU directly determines the quality of the computer. Yes, the same CPU, the fan is different, some water is cold, some are cold, and it will determine the performance of the performance. Essence

Tang Junjie has a paper on the journal “Petroleum Business Technology”, “The relationship between the composition of the car engine coolant and the performance”, which is mentioned above.

The inorganic corrosion agent consumes faster in use. It takes a corrosion inhibitor to be added from 25000km to 30,000km, so the service life is only 1 to 2 years.

The consumption of the organic corrosion agent is relatively slow during use, so the service life of the modulated antifreeze can generally reach 3 to 5 years.


What ways can I use to determine whether to replace it

Of course, in addition to looking at a fixed replacement cycle, you must regularly check the state of antifreeze regularly, as if you have to regular physical examination, right?

First open the cover and look at the color and state of the antifreeze. If the antifreeze is turbid, suspended, and uneven color, most of them are deteriorated. It is recommended to change it.

Wang Yu at Huazhong University of Science and Technology has a master’s dissertation, “Research on the Formula Formula for Full Frozen Anti -Frozen Anti -Frozen Anti -Frozen Anti -Frozen Antima”, which is mentioned in it.

The radiator, water pump, cylinder and other components of anti -freezing solution are composed of metals such as steel, cast iron, brass, etc. Under the action of electrolytes, electrochemical corrosion is prone to occur.


The role of the corrosion agent is to relieve this process. Electrochemical corrosion is not the door panel drying outside, and the corrosion of the rain is not the same.

If a large amount of turbidity and suspended objects appear in the antifreeze, it means that the metal surface corrosion is already serious. Most of them are the corrosion agent quickly consumed, that is, to change.

In addition to looking at the state, you can also use the pH test strip to test. It can measure its pH to determine whether to change it.

Cui Tingting of Northeast Forestry University has a master’s dissertation and shared with you, “Research on the Defensive Features of Automobile Engine Cooling Line”, which is mentioned above.

The pH value of the engine coolant is between 7.5 and 11, which can play the best protective role; the pH value is lower than 7.5, the acidity is too strong, and it is easy to corrode the metal in the water tank.

If it is measured below 7.5, this will be changed.


It is best to refer to the maintenance manual and the brand’s description

Therefore, it is always necessary to say that “the antifreeze has to be changed in 2 years”, which is a bit general and cannot cover all the cars.

Why do merchants say that? If you change diligence, do you buy too much, do you make much more? Isn’t this the case?

The safest way is to refer to the maintenance manual of the car, and it will not be wrong according to it.

I bought a better antifreeze later. It turns out that for example, if you change it for 2 years, if you change it for 5 years, you have to operate according to the instructions of the anti -freezing brand. The model is firm and there is no problem.

How long does the spark plug change

In addition to the antifreeze, there are too many things on the car, spark plugs, gearbox oil, air -conditioned filter element … This kind of thing is quite scary.


Why do you have to care about the replacement cycle?

It’s not because the price of the 4S store is too expensive, and the queue time is too long, and I seem to say, “Oh, okay.” I have nothing to say.

In fact, it is easy to change. It sounds like the spark plug is very powerful, as if it is in the kitchen to change the gas stove as terrible.

The gas stove is not bought online and placed there,

Is the pipeline just connected?

it’s actually really easy,

Why don’t you do it?

No video, I took a video for you, step by step, girls can change it, not so difficult to think.

You have to think:

Isn’t the manufacturer trained like this?

You can change the video. The difference in the middle and the extra waiting time consumed in the middle,

Why don’t you think about it yourself?

Keywords: how long to change

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How long does it take to change

“, Know how long to change and how to change,” spare tires say car “waiting for you to play.


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