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选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Everyone must be curious. Is there really the course “Skin and Cosmetics Science”? Yes, that’s right! The original poster is from Tongji University. This is a elective course for us. The class is a female teacher. Generally, the students are girls. Occasionally, there are several skins looking at super good boys (ask their cosmetics in order, and these boys are also these boys. Can be said to be the Tao). This course has benefited me a lot, not only the specific knowledge of cosmetics ingredients, but also some good product recommendations used by teachers or students. The teacher divides this course into several chapters: cleaning, hydrating, acne, sun protection, makeup and so on. The practicality is very high. Our students will also take the PPT. One is to pass the test, but to keep it for information, and it will be useful in the future. Recently, the descendants of the sun, the skin of Ouba and Qiao Mei is so tender, I have to finish writing hard!

This chapter first talks about anti -acne. Not only does I have the troubles of acne, there are also girlfriends, of course, there are teachers who have taught. The landlord and girlfriend are oily skin, and that teacher happened to be, so it is more suitable for oily skin. Link cards are just easy to search, most of the landlords are not bought online.

Makeup removal

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

This step of makeup removal is also very important for girls who do not makeup. The sunscreen that usually wipes needs to be removed. The dust particles in the air will also be attached to the face, so it is still recommended that everyone use the makeup remover.

Bedma Makeup Water 500ml

Biodema (bioderma) Shu Yan’s skin liquid 500ml makeup remover (powder water remover eye and lip soothing and moisturizing) …

The sisters who are worth buying often know that they can win this bottle of water in sixty or seventy. Among them, pink water is suitable for dry skin, and blue water is suitable for oily skin. A bottle can be used for a long time, the king of cost performance.

Liche Spring Water Oil is separated by clean eye and lip makeup remover 125ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

[Global Purchase] La Roche Poay Lishu Spring Water Oil is separated from the eye and lip makeup remover 125ml …

Because men’s tickets are studying in France, sometimes he will help him to send cosmetics back. This makeup remover is relatively thorough, and the thick mascara or eye shadow can be removed very clean. Moreover, Lichuanquan is a cheap product in France. It is not expensive and recommended.

The Face Shop herbal rich aloe vera makeup cream (not recommended)

The Face Shop (The Face Shop) herbal rich aloe vera makeup cream 135g (makeup removal aloe cleansing) …

This is not recommended. Although the texture of the frost is not thick, it is okay to apply it on the face, but when using the facial cleanser for a long time, it should be cleaned for a long time, and it is troublesome to use. This was bought when I went to Kaist, South Korea, and made sure it was genuine, not because of the fakes I bought.


选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

It really has to be said that cleaning is also important (do you mean that every step is important? That’s it). Here, it is recommended that you use different cleansing products in the morning and evening. You must use the cleaning effect to be stronger at night. The cleansing after getting up in the morning can be found. When choosing a facial cleanser, don’t be fascinated by dazzling functional words: what whitening, anti -aging, etc. The face washing milk at the face does not exceed three minutes, and it is unlikely to expect whitening within three minutes. Therefore, cleaning is the best criterion for choosing facial cleanser. Even cheap facial cleanser is sometimes better than expensive.

Another important thing is: acne skin, it is not recommended to use facial cleanser with frosted particles. Because of the frosted facial cleanser, the skin of the acne when washing the face will slow down the healing of acne.

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

COW SKINLIFE Cowlacopic Acne Foam Facin Facial Washing Milk 200ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Cow Skinlife Cow Skinlife Foam Face Washing Milk Red 200ml Japan Original Import …

This one is strongly recommended for use in the morning. The foam is very delicate, and the pressure pump is also very convenient. After washing, the face will not be tight, and it will be smooth. It is recommended to use acne -removing lotion for use, which is better. It will recommend Kobayashi Water later. Everyone see that there is a card that is a 9uyjh76r8mi1 bright card. This shows that Japanese products are still very fine. If you need to go out to travel with this product, you will not leak the foam on the card card. The facial cleanser that let my girlfriend bring back, there is a sticker of a big face girl. There is no uncertainty if it is genuine. Some must be genuine.

Facial milk 150g

Pond ’s (Pond’ s) Liang Ci Clear Clean Rice Moisturizing Cleansing Milk 150g

The facial cleanser of this series is generally around 27 yuan. It is less than 30 yuan. It is very cheap and clean. It is also recommended to use during the day.

Origins Yuemu’s source 150ml of cleansing milk

Origins Pin Mu Declaration/Yuemu Source Facial Washing Milk/Cleansing Milk Whenever Wicker Mousse 150ml …

This must be recommended. After a long time, it can slowly improve the balance of skin water and oil, good cleaning effect, and smelling. It is suitable for night.

Nuxe European honey cleansing gel 400ml

Oushu Nuxe Honey Cleaning Gel 400ml French imported from France

Ou Shu is also a very many brand in France. Everyone must have heard of this cleansing. This facial cleanser is gentle and suitable for use in the morning.

SKIN FOOD Aloe Veority Foam Milk Washing 130ml (Not recommended)

SKIN FOOD Skin Skin Aloe Foam Facial Milk 130ml

This one is not recommended, the taste is not very good, and the texture is relatively thick, and it is a bit dry after washing. I bought this in a physical store, 89 yuan, and now I saw 39 selling 39 in Jingdong, and I felt that this one was not very good.

Yiquan Uriage Clean Clean Cleanas 50ml (not recommended)

Yiquan (URIAGE) Clear Skin Milk 50ml

This was taken when the French drugstore was given a sample, and it was used to use it later. It is really not recommended. When using it, it is relatively sparse. After washing, there is still residual on the face. There is a feeling of being washed clean. The taste also has the obvious flavor smell, which is not very acceptable.


Write some of the good lotion that I feel good here

The love name Vitamin C long -acting bright white lotion 200ml

The love name Vitamin C long -acting bright white lotion 200ml [Original import] …

I went to Taiwan in the summer vacation and went to buy this lotion. The packaging is not particularly luxurious, but the effect is good. The taste is a bit like a laundry solution. It smells good. It feels more moisture on the face. The vitamin C of the product has a whitening effect. After using half a bottle, the girlfriend directly found that the face turned white.

Estee Lauder Yingrun Moisturizing bamboo extract 200ml

Estee Lauder (Estee Lauder) 盈 200ml (repair, moisturizing and bright skin) …

This was brought back when my parents went to Thailand to play. Looking at the Estee Lauder brand, but the actual use effect is general, it may not be suitable for oily skin. Another point, the key is that once the lid was twisted too hard, the thread and lid inside the lid were removed, and they could not be covered. Finally, I bought a MUJI packaging bottle to solve it.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eaude Muge Nikko Moisturizing Landwater

Overseas Direct Mail Japanese Original Kobayashi Pharmaceutical EAUDE MUGE Nikko Moisturizing Landwater Remove Acne Acne shrinkage …

This is recommended to use COW SKINLIFE COW SKINLIFE Face Washing Milk. At that time, I bought a large bottle of 400ml and used half of them with my girlfriends. This taste is not so fragrant. After applying it on the face, it feels like the skin absorbs quickly and has the effect of shrinking pores. Don’t ask me what bottle I use, which is the muji bottle specially bought before.

DR.G Beautiful World Moisturizing Clean Muscle Balance Soft Skin Water 150ml

This one was brought back when a good sister went to Hong Kong. It was actually a Korean brand. Balancing Toner is obvious that it is suitable for oily skin, especially suitable for mixed oil and acne skin. The main water and oil balance, the effect is very good, it will not cause acne. If the disadvantage is to say that the bottle is too heavy.

Eye cream

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Estee Lauder Anr Eye Cream

Estee Lauder (Estee Lauder) Muscle Repair Eye Eye Cream 15ml (an ANR small brown bottle eye cream tightened …

I only recommend this, because I have only used this, the landlord has been using this since he was 20. Each bottle can be used for about half a year. Every time I go abroad or friends go abroad, I will bring this eye cream. I also watched the packaging (especially the bottle cap) became extremely beautiful. It is recommended that young girls use better eye cream as soon as possible. The saying that uses good and then the good, and no effect is not very credible. It has advanced scientific and technological progress. There are always updated technologies. I chose a very chicken -rib product when it is best to reflect the effect of cosmetics, which really ruins my age.


选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

The essence mainly refers to the essence of anti -acne.

Origins Yuemu Source Clean Acne Gel 10ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Origins Yuemu Source Clean Acne Gel 10ml

This stuff is only 10ml. When you do n’t do activities, you feel distressed, so when it ’s Black Five, it’ s cost -effective to ask the American classmates and the facial cleanser of Yuemu to buy it together. This gel alcohol is heavy. History of alcohol does not mean that it is not good for the skin. Alcohol can eliminate inflammation and sterilization. This is also good for acne. When this wipe on the face, it is recommended to wipe only once, and do not apply it many times. This is easy to get white film, which is more wasteful. It is quite effective for the split acne.

Lichuanquan K+milk 30ml

La Roche-POSAY Relief Spring Acne Cleaning Skin Clean Essence 30ml Oil Oil Mild Acne K+Milk …

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Acne is necessary, and the effect is not repeated. Successful boyfriends are used (so that it is more convenient to let him buy it every time). The new version of K milk is a bit troublesome, but its effect has always been very good, so I can bear it.


If the oily skin is really dry in winter, use a cream, otherwise it is enough to use lotion.

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

FreePlus Fulfang Si Zisi Tien soft emulsion 100ml

FREEPLUS nourishes tightness and soft emulsion 100ml

This texture is not thick, but it is also moisturized. It will not cause acne due to moisturizing, nor will it cause oil the next day.

Richy Spring Acne Cleaning Skin Water and Oil Balanced Lotion 40ml

La Roche-Posay clearing acne clean skin and oil balanced emulsion 40ml (soothing oil control and hydration and shrinking hair …

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Commonly known as Lichuanquan MAT, only 40ml, which can be used up in about 4 months. Personally feel a little moisturizing. You need to pay attention to the application method. You can’t wipe it on your face at once, but apply it a little bit on your face, otherwise it will be easy to peel. This one is not easy to explode, after all, it is a professional anti -acne.

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Clinique butter, oil -free butter 125ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Clinique butter skin dew moisturizing lotion nourish 125ml 2015 British national version of oil -free butter …

In fact, it is not particularly recommended for Clinique butter, but there are still many sisters that may be used, and oily skin uses oil -free butter. If you don’t want to use it, you will be a body milk.


Sun protection is done all year round. After taking the course “Skin and Cosmetics Science”, I am most impressed.

BIORE Biore Bi Rou Boosang Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 PA +++ 40ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

BIORE Biore Bi Rou Bolly Leds Lags SPF50 PA +++ 40 ml sunscreen refreshing …

This is also bought by Japanese classmates who care for girlfriends (there are many friends abroad, and some cosmetics they buy are somewhat mixed). I bought several. Domestic Watsons sells slightly expensive, but the effect is really good. I usually use sunscreen first, and then BB cream. This one will not cause acne, which is more trustworthy, and it is not distressed in summer.


选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

The landlord gets up late in the morning, and it is enough to apply a BB cream. The liquid foundation is rarely used, and it is only recommended to BB.

Estee Lauder Bright Whitening Cyber ​​White Liangzer BB Cream SPF50 30ml

Estee Lauder Estelauder’s bright white shiny BB cream SPF50 30ml white moisturizing sunscreen …

This one is highly recommended. The concealer effect is good, it will not cure acne, and it is easy to wipe.

LANCOME Lancome New soft concealer/light sunscreen SPF30+ PA +++ 30ml

[SF Free Shipping] Lancome/Lancome New soft concealer isolation milk/light sunscreen SPF30+PA +++ B …

This is a small sample you got when he helped your mother buy a small black bottle. He had no chance to buy a formal dress. This time, I was determined to let the male ticket buy. This model is relatively light, and the skin tone is obvious, and it feels that the skin is bright immediately.

Miacare Mei Ruo Kang Huan Yan Yan Acne Confusion Pen

This concealer is used to try it out at a certain trial. It is applied to acne skin or acne or acne marks. It will soon concealer and will not cause acne.

Facial mask

It is simply working for everyone, and the mask is mentioned together.

Avene Avene Moisturizing Hurry Honey Mask 50ml

Avene Avene moisturizing mask hydration hibiscus honey 50ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

The landlord from the magic capital to the emperor’s capital, the climate is relatively large. When I feel that the skin is dry at night, I will use this mask to get the skin tender the next morning. In this way, you can push Song Zhongji Ouba.

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Uriage Yiquan Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask 40ml

[Global Purchase] URIAGE Yiquan Moisturizing Mask 40ml

Aquaprecis is written on the mask, which can be found accurately when you recognize this. This one can be washed after 15 minutes or was not washed. I usually climb into bed and be lazy, as a free -to -free use. Avene’s mask above is relatively thin, and you need to apply a little more. And this Yiquan is relatively sticky, about a coin at a time! So this amount is also smaller, only40ml. When I washing my face the next day, I felt that the skin was slippery and the effect was good.

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

DR.G Beautiful World Moisturizing Clean Muscle Balance Soft Skin Water 150ml

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

Morita Shuiyu acne mask

Morita Moisturizing Film Mask combination 15 tablets (5 tablets of hyaluronic acid composite original liquid+detailed soothing 5 tablets+water pupa acne 5 …

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

This was also bought when I went to Taiwan, focusing on acne. Obviously, when I was going to explode, I applied this mask at night, and some white heads exploded from the acne. It was used to pick up the acne needles and let the acne dispel it. To be honest, this thing varies from person to person. I use a needle to pick off my head, pay attention to the method, generally does not leave acne marks).

Kose high silk barley whitening extraction mask 30 tablets

Japan imported KOSE high silk barley whitening mask extraction to go to black whitening and brighten 500g …

It is certain that many people will say that this is not easy to use, there is less water or something. But in fact, this province with humid climate is still more applicable. The main effect of the mask is to replenish water. The entire mask is full of water and the essence of water. For 15 minutes on the face, how much do you think you can absorb? It is better to come up with this extraction. This mask can also be used before makeup in the morning, and the skin feels more moist. The Japanese classmates who had previously asked their girlfriends to purchase, nearly 100 boxes, on JD.com, 99 pieces of two boxes, and a total of 60 pieces.

Other correlation

30 capsules of Caudalie Ortili Grape Seed Capsules

[Global Purchase] Caudalie Ortili Grape Seed Capsule 30 French imported 6 boxes …

This is the price of 6 boxes, equivalent to 99 yuan per box. It is the price of 13 Euros in the drugstore, and the two are almost the same. The reason to recommend this is that the resveratrol oil and grape seed polyphenols can repair epidermal cells and reduce pigmentation. With the use of cosmetics, it belongs to the two -pronged approach. PS: After use, the previous dysmenorrhea will be relieved.

(The head map and some production pictures are from the Internet, invading deletion)

选修课《皮肤与化妆品科学》—— 抗痘护肤品推荐

I said so much, I still hope that everyone will say goodbye to the acne muscle. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have acne. We must be confident!

I wish you all a happy day! Couples who wish you goodbye to meet each other early