It can be seen from the Spring Festival Street shooting: Mao Woo -coat+long skirt has the highest appearance rate, elegant and fashionable


The Spring Festival has begun, and the return period has been determined. Not only is there joy and enthusiasm for taking home, but also we must have our full value ~

Spring Festival is a way to return. Back to the dream where you see, seeing the people who are mindful, of course, we cannot be ashamed and tired, and quickly arrange the simple and beautiful “woolen coat+long skirt”.

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On the way home, you must be elegant and generous.

Let’s take a look at what kind of surprises can be brought to you!

The clear mustard green hair long coat seemed to make people see the spring day of the grass. Only a simple black long skirt and naked boots of the same color can make you transform into a spring symbol, winter elves.


The matching shawl seems to be randomly put on the shoulder, and the irregular tailoring of the chest in the top exposes the white skin, and it can move people’s hearts with a smile.

[1] Why do you recommend coats to choose hair?



In terms of material, the material of the woolen is blended fabric, which is high -level and durable, the texture is thin but unusually warm, which is very suitable for winter that wants to look good and want to keep warm.




In terms of style, most of the woolen coats are simple and classic, very versatile, and have a high -level temperament.

[Two] How to choose a woolen coat

*Target items: Mao woolen coat color is colorful, version length fit, high -level texture

(Target 1) The color of the coat of the colorful coat

For sisters with dark skin tone,

Make a woolen coat with its own skin tone forming a certain color contrast, and it will have a better white effect.

If the skin tone is dull or more flawed, it is not suitable for darker coats,

Instead, you should choose a light -colored coat with high brightness, such as white and beige.

(Objective 2) The length of the fitted version


Short coats near the waist and hips choose a loose and stiff straight tube type, or the X -shaped X -shaped with obvious belt design.

It happens to be in the slender part of the waist, or a short coat that can cover the waist and hip position, which is very suitable for small girls.

Short to choose a type A long coat, choose a high -waisted X or H -type long model.

The fat people should choose a loose and stiff long coat, but do not have too exaggerated shoulder pad design. The length of the long coat cannot cover the ankle ~


(Target 3) Advanced and warm texture

Common animal hair materials are preferred by cashmere, camel, alpaca and wool.

Try to buy a woolen coat with a volume of more than 80%,

In this way, the whole coat will look more textured.

If the economic conditions are sufficient, then buy more than 95%of high -grade woolen coats, which are materials with 100 to 120 pieces.

[3] The advantage of choosing long skirts in winter

In terms of warmth, long skirts are the warmest in all skirts. Choosing loose styles will not show weight at all.

The long skirt is elegant and generous, the long skirt is very tolerant of the figure, and it comes with the goddess temperament.

[4] How to choose a long skirt

*Target items: Long and short, thin, thin and high, design elegant temperament, with fashionable foreign qi

(Objective 1) The version with a thin and tall version

If it is a long skirt,

Then choose the length of the ankle. In the version, the loose straight type and A type are preferred.

Sisters with good waist and hip ratio can choose to wrap hip or pencil skirts.

If it is a long dress, the soft material should have a high waist and waist design. The stiff texture dress is best for a split design at the skirt. The neckline is tailored, and the center of gravity of the skirt is on the upper body.


(Objective 2) Details and temperament design

When choosing a skirt, some small details with a sense of design can also add points to the overall points ~

If there is a pour -V -shaped slit design at the skirt, you can show long legs.

Sister who walks cold winds, a small amount of metal decoration on the skirt is more textured.

(Target 3) The fashionable attribute of versatile and hundreds of changes

If you want to make the long skirt more versatile and fashionable, then, then

In the choice of fabrics, you must choose fabrics with bones and bones.

In terms of color, the most common basic color is the best. You can also choose the checkered pattern of the same color system.

>> The matching guide for “woolen coat+long skirt”

[1] Universal and practical matching skills

① There are thickness on the top and bottom

If the amount and thickness of the woolen coat and skirt are exactly the same, the overall is fat. But if there is a thickness of thickness, or the sense of volume, then it is completely different ~


It is also recommended for sisters to use a thick and solid fabric or a lot of sense of upper body. The skirts choose light materials, or small -body slimming designs.

② Exposing a skirt


If you choose a long woolen coat to match the long skirt, you must remember to show a skirt!

Do not show too much in skirts, usually about 4 to 7 cm.

With a pair of slim or pointed boots, it is perfect ~


③ Long skirt stacking

Some simple long skirts with simple design can also use stacking methods in the upper body to add layering.


It is best to choose a low -neckline design with a dress, with a slim -fitting high neck.

With a woolen coat, it can be more colorful than others.

[2] Different people wear “woolen coat+long skirt”

①Stherium girls wear this way

The combination of short children’s hairy coats and long skirts is actually very simple.

You can choose a light dress with a light texture,

Such as the chiffon floral skirt above.

The thick skirt must be equipped with high waistline and simple inside.

You can also pass color, such as

The woolen coat is light -colored, the skirt and the lower body keep the same color and choose dark colors.

② Wearing slightly fat girls like this

Micro -fat girls can choose more dark colors,


For example, the black woolen coat here with a black dress is super thin visually!

Mao woolen coat selection of straight -line tailoring,

Don’t be too loose in the skirt of the long skirt, choose the pointed design of the shoes,


Let you become a nine -headed beauty ~


③ Trend people wear this way

As a qualified fashion tide, if you want to become the most beautiful of the whole village, then you must learn the following three ways of dressing:

The first is the overall foundation, then use popular accessories locally; secondly use color and black and white colorless combinations; third, if you have a strong qi field, then choose a personalized set similar to the above figure.

④ Wear the goddess of temperament like this

If you want a goddess of love for people, it is another kind of combination.

It is best to choose the matching method of the same color system as a whole. If the aura is not strong enough, then choose light or earth color system.

Exposes an ankle, with various temperament accessories, such as silk scarf, leather bag or pearl necklace,


Immediately make your temperament rising!

>> Conclusion

Spring Festival = home, after a long waiting year, we only need a ticket to go home, one date, but when we set foot on our homeland, we must be bright and beautiful, showing our best appearance.


A simple woolen coat is full of grades, coupled with elegant and delicate long skirts, so that you can feel the warmth and beauty of the tentacle, start the New Year of the beautiful value!