The most commonly used belt for men is the last resort of gentlemen …



One of the most commonly used accessories for men, the belt has occupied the trouser’s waist for nearly a century. But many times, the main theme of the pursuit of relaxation and leisure is a double -edged sword, so that everyone will get the so -called dressing liberation, and it is inevitable that some problems will be inverted.


For example, is the belt for decoration or practical?


Maybe you will say that this question is really stupid, do you still care about it now? What’s more, with the changes in social aesthetics, it seems that it is not difficult for the belt to have both functionality and aesthetics.

But in my opinion, whether it is a strap or a belt, it has not evolved much from a practical and aesthetic perspective. For gentlemen, the belt is even more unusual.

Wearing a belt, why is it?

I believe that the original intention of many people to start with the belt is simply to tighten the waist of their pants to prevent slipping. Secondly, it may be greedy for beauty, and even make a big letter, take a look, and show off.


But reason, isn’t the sliding of the pants, isn’t it because the waist and waist are not matched with the waist and waist?

I simply want to use the leather to bring the pants that it is not fit.


When the belt shrinks the pants head and exerts force on the obvious loose waist, the excess fabric will inevitably produce unnatural uneven traces of the pants body, and the outline of the pants is also destroyed.

Therefore, compared to the belt, it is recommended that the men who love gentleness pants have a tailor to adjust the waist circumference. Although customization can have sufficient communication space. What can be solved by the belt …

If you have understood that the practicality of the belt is mostly based on sacrificing pants lines and aesthetics, it is not difficult to understand why the gentleman’s affection is not the option.


Of course, the stance is not firm enough to be convinced by its convenience, coupled with the increasingly casual dress atmosphere and the prevalence of low waist pants, the existence of the belt is even more important.


This is not to deliberately criticize the belt or something, but I hope to clarify my real needs before choosing men’s single products. As for the choice, it depends on my actual situation.

The reason why it is selected as a must -have accessory is a factor that can tighten the waist waist, but in my opinion, it is more based on the convenience of adjusting the waist circumference.


Just like the most basic meal before meals, changes in the state of fullness will affect the increase or decrease of the waist circumference, so you only need to unbutton the belt buckle to make tightly adjust. Favorite.

If you want to ask my opinions, the strap is undoubtedly the best option to fix the waist of the pants. In addition to keeping clean pants, it will not be easy to loosen by the force on the shoulders;

Secondly, if you want to remove the strap but can retain the clean waist and adjust the convenientness of the waist circumference, the adjustment of the pants waist can be added.


If you are accustomed to using the current and low -waist pants, then the belt is indeed one of the solutions. Or I want high-waist trousers such as Hollywood-Top, and can be fixed with a thin belt without adding adjustment.


How to choose a belt

Until now, the patterns of the belt are naturally changed. In general, it is nothing more than considering the materials, color, and styles.


What kind of material belt to choose still depends on what you expect to send in handy use scenarios, which can be roughly divided into

Dough -loaded belt



Leisure belt


Two categories.


Positive belt is usually used only


As a raw material, which is what we call now. The market is generally used in the market



Mainly, and the second also use


Come to make, as for the slightly frustrated crocodile skin, python leather and other precious leather materials, the difficulty of control is enough to scratch the head.


Leather is the most commonly used natural raw material in the clothing industry, accounting for about 70%of the total world leather output. Although it is generally called cowhide, in fact, according to the different processing methods of division, the category is quite much. Like the common back layer of cowhide, calf leather, and stables.

Among them, the outermost layer of cowhide is called

Head layer

The second is the second layer of skin, and its toughness and breathability are not as good as the head of the head.

As we all know, the head layer is one of the best cowhide standards. It retains the grain layer of natural epidermis, which is composed of a slightly firmer fiber layer and transition layer.


The two -layer skin and three layers of skin are missing the epidermis, which are usually covered with glue, and then the natural texture close to the native epidermis is simulated after the suppression process.

Although this imitation header skin is not as qualified as the native head skin, it can be compared with the abrasion resistance of specific raw materials and processing processes after coating.

As for the horse’s skin, don’t see the appearance of the word “horse” and think that I have made mistakes. The horse rein leather actually refers to the cowhide leather used to make a horse’s rein.

For the sport of horse riding, the head will pull the head extremely frequently with the traction reins when running. In addition to the protection of the horse rider, the toughness and durability of the horse’s material are naturally harsh.


Therefore, the fibrous density horse reins have excellent performance in sturdy and durable, and the sense of oil is quite rich. With the natural old effect, it has captured the hearts of many retro gentry.

Belt made by Royal Royal Leather Brand J & E Minsen


There is a skill to distinguish the good or bad of cowhide. Gently bent the belt. The finer the folds of the leather surface, the higher the grade of the leather, otherwise the level is lower. The cowhide belt is the best in Europe, such as Italy and Spain.

Let the belt not only a belt, but also one of the highlights of the gentleman.


Magpi is stronger than cowhide, wear -resistant and exercise, but it is relatively expensive. Needless to say, the benchmarking manufacturers of horse hip skin are mainly HorWeen and Japan’s Ningxi. Essence

If the frequency of wearing is high, I personally do not recommend choosing horse hip leather belts. Regardless of the price, the durability of this raw material is low, and the cost of loss is naturally rising. Easy things.

The leather belt made of plant -based tannases such as leather, dry, fruit, fruits, and leaves will naturally skin -friendly, and as time is polished, the luster of the belt will evolve. Like the belt with double -sided leather sutures and double -stock cars, you may wish to pay attention to these measures to increase the durability of the belt.

Although the belt is consumable, it also needs to be placed naturally in the ventilation to avoid deformation to ensure its service life.


Most of the casual belt are nylon and leather woven. Relatively speaking, the application scenarios of weaving belts are more. Unique texture is also suitable for creating a highlight of casual shapes, which is a bit of elegant atmosphere.


If you want to pursue styles, like Anderson’s in Italy is good, leather quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed, and more importantly, inject design elements that conform to modern aesthetics, and pleasing will not be petted.


Generally speaking

The less the belt of the plain and pattern, the higher the formal degree



The formal and business occasions will not make a mistake in the choice of dark plain noodles, especially black, the Japanese character buckle style.


The basic match letter is believed to have known everyone,

The color of the belt and leather shoes is best to keep similar or even consistent. But in my opinion, this is just based on the form of formal dressing and maintaining a sense of integration.

In fact, the daily leisure style is not much restricted. Even if you use different colors from top to bottom, you may not have a sense of disobedience.

Black and brown have always been the most stable colors. The exaggerated color matching will only be discovered only on the PITTI battlefield.


Because the belt is located in a position that is easy to look, it is also connected to the color matching of the upper body and the lower body. It is recommended to use only casual outfits such as jeans and khaki pants.

Usually, the positive belt will have a size. Add 2 to the size of your own waistline. 2 is the size of the belt you should choose. For example, the 32 -inch waist circumference, then the belt corresponds to 34 inches. In general, the position of the needle is tightly tightly in the middle of the belt. If a total of 5 fastening eyes are hit, the needle will be in the third deduction.