Do I need to wear gloves in fitness? (Recommended guidelines for fitness gloves)


Do I need to wear gloves in fitness?

Many well -trained muscles do not wear gloves. If they wear gloves, will others feel that they are rookies. It looks unprofessional?

If you wear gloves, how to choose sports gloves that are suitable for you?

In order for everyone to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of fitness and gloves, the senior will interpret it from the following 5 aspects to interpret everyone


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This article is about 3,000 words, and it takes about 3-5 minutes to read!


01: Can you wear gloves when you are fit? (elaborate the view)

02: Why do you wear gloves in fitness? (The reason)

03: What are the advantages and disadvantages of fitness wearing gloves? (Analysis of advantages and disadvantages)

04: How to choose a fitness sports glove that suits you? (Shopping guide)

05: Daily washing and maintenance of fitness gloves (Guide to Washing Guide)

The senior has been engaged in private education (fitness coach) for 4 years, and has also brought ≥ 300 members before and after, and both men and women; not to mention particularly authoritative, more or less understandable ~

Under normal circumstances:

All female members actively ask or take the initiative to wear gloves; male members wearing gloves are rare, almost not common ~

For the behavior of wearing gloves during fitness, the senior has always maintained “



Just get used to it and like it, ignore the thoughts of others.

So, why do many muscular bosses do not wear glove training?

The probability may be because I feel that wearing gloves, which affects the functionality of the wrist flexion and grasping the class;

Although the gloves are not too thick, it is separated by things. There are no training devices such as palms, fingers and dumbbells, barbells, grip, etc., which affects the quality of training to a certain extent!

Of course, this statement belongs to the benevolent to see the benevolence, the wise man is wise! Don’t spray if you don’t like it!

Training wearing gloves 菜 fitness rookie/novice Xiaobai!

Strictly speaking, gloves can also be regarded as a kind of auxiliary appliance for training, which can help you more efficient and more quality to complete each training;

Lu Chenhui, Lu Shen knows, right? The first person in the domestic bodybuilding, the owner of the fitness professional card, the big coffee, and the protective gear when training!

Well, let’s go back to the home, we start to discuss five questions about “fitness wearing gloves”!

01: Can you wear gloves when you are fit?

Answer: Dai or wearing individuals, varies from person to person!

If you want to wear it, you don’t need to care about the opinions of others; if you don’t want to wear it, don’t wear it.

Alas, it’s so chic!

02: Why should you wear gloves when you are fit?

When many people first started to touch fitness, the first set of sports equipment purchased must be included in “gloves”.


In fact, most people do n’t know it themselves, but just look at others, so they also buy them. They wear gloves training. They look more professional and quite like that ~

Simply put, that is:

Everyone has it, I have to have it, and I am not worse than others ~


Are you right?

Below, the senior introduces the real role and significance of fitness with gloves


First: It can prevent the palm of the palm of the cocoon

At the beginning of the iron, most people are thin skin and tender meat;

For the first time with the instrument of the dumbbell barbell, the hand grip and the grip are not enough, it is easy to get blisters.

After the blisters, I feel distressed, who knows who knows!

Especially for girls who love beauty, how can they allow themselves to not stick to the fiber fingers of the fireworks on earth and give birth to rough calluses?


It’s so unreasonable …


Second: It can increase a certain grip, and at the same time to play a non -slip effect.

The material of fitness gloves is characteristic. Different from ordinary conventional gloves, it helps to increase the trainer’s palm and dumbbells. (Anti -slip).


The advantages and disadvantages of fitness with gloves!


: To protect the skin of both hands from “persecution”, more is to prevent cocoons; enhance the grip, non -slip, the coach no longer has to worry about you who can not hold the barbell due to your palms ~


Increase the daily workload, wear it before training, and adjust it from time to time during training. You need to clean it in time after training, otherwise the odor will be followed by the smell ~

4. How to buy fitness training gloves that are suitable for you? (Shopping guide)

In the past few years when the seniors have been trained by members, in addition to their own daily training, they also recommend many members of “sports gloves” that are suitable for them, so today I will give you a “purchase guide for sports gloves!”

Next, the senior will follow


Brand popularity, cost -effective; functionality; support; comfort; breathability and durability

Analysis and recommendation in many aspects.

05: The Guide to Wash and Care of “Fitness Gloves”

The benefits of wearing gloves wearing gloves, no gloves do not wear gloves; the biggest benefit of not wearing gloves is: “Don’t wash gloves!”

Friends who often wear gloves should understand that the taste on the gloves after each training is called “biochemical weapons”, especially after a lot of sweat in summer, the taste is too much ~

So, after each training, how should the gloves be cleaned?


01: It is recommended to wash hand in hand to avoid using strong alkaline detergent or soaking for a long time;

02: The first washing may be slightly fade, which is normal;

In this regard, the advice of the senior is:

If it is sweating a lot, and the taste on the gloves is really rich, it is better to wash the same day. It is recommended to wash the water hand and then air dry;

If it is slightly sweating, the amount of exercise is not large on the day, and the gloves are not much taste. It is recommended to dry it naturally in the ventilation.