1200 yuan Renewal 7 years of Great Wall Broadband, it has not been used to have been disconnected by the Internet


Ms. Li, a citizen of Qingdao, reported that in April this year, their clothing stores had just paid the Great Wall broadband fee of 1,200 yuan, and the net was broken within a few days.

“I received it in my store on March 30 this year, because we used the Great Wall Broadband for many years, and I didn’t care about those things. As a result, the front foot was not very good. I said that you returned the money for me, and I have called the customer service countless times. He said that I feedback me feedback, and there has been no echo. “Ms. Li said.

Ms. Li said that her family has always used the Great Wall Broadband. Every time she is about to expire, there will be a salesperson to collect it. This year, there is a preferential policy. It can be used for seven years to pay 1200 yuan. Money, she paid the money happily.

But it didn’t take long for him to learn from the salesperson’s mouth that the business hall was closed and the salesperson resigned, and the Great Wall broadband of the entire Jimo District was attributed to mobile broadband management. And monthly costs are not less than 18 yuan.

Regarding this policy, Ms. Li expressed her unwillingness to accept. “Although it is transferred to mobile, I said that I do n’t want to move. If I do n’t spend the 1200 yuan, it’ s a separate money to buy a business card, which is also 18 yuan. We can handle it ourselves. Isn’t the Great Wall broadband that I do? Is it useless? Isn’t my money equal to it? “

Ms. Li said that she had a mobile phone card in herself, which was binding a broadband at home. Now if the Great Wall broadband in the clothing store is transferred to move, you need to open another mobile card. Consumption is not cost -effective.

In response to Ms. Liu’s situation, is there any other solution for the Great Wall Broadband?

The Great Wall Broadband customer service responded, “We now have cooperation with the Great Wall Broadband. We contact our customers on our side. Users are recognized by our cooperation policy. Now I have arranged to contact users to run a business here (how do this problem solve) If you want to understand this policy, we have a separate department on our side to reply to you. We are now a problem reflected by users. Now we have communicated with users. How to solve this problem) I reply to you is that we have communicated with users, and we have solved it. Users also agree with our solution. If you want to know, you can also ask the user. “

In this regard, Ms. Li said, “She calls my husband, I don’t want to do if I want to refund the money, I will find her if I want to move. It doesn’t matter if you don’t transfer to the Internet, (she said that you have negotiated, I don’t know how you negotiate) There is no negotiation. She deceives her perfunctory, and she hasn’t come to the past two times. “

The Great Wall Broadband has negotiated with customers. I do n’t say how to negotiate, but Ms. Li said that her only demand now is to refund the money, so whether this money can be refunded.

“Because of our communication before, she did agree to turn it. Now I do n’t want to turn it. Let’ s ask the situation. If you do n’t turn it, do n’t turn it. (Can this money be refunded?) It is estimated that we have to wait again, (how long is it?) Let’s see that it is almost necessary to end the net. There is no specific time now, and it is estimated that it has to be about half a year. “

It is really difficult to refund the money. The reporter learned from the Information Office of the Industrial and Information Technology Bureau of Jimo District that the main problem of the Great Wall Broadband Regional Transfer is caused by poor operation. Coordination is to prevent users from having no broadband availability. Essence

“If there is no mobile number or the package does not meet, it is to find a way by the mobile company. If there is no way, you really have no mobile number, or your family does not have a suitable package, you can apply for the Great Wall broadband refund, but the Great Wall broadband may It ’s not very good to operate. Now it’ s not that you have applied, and you can immediately refund the fee. The answer they give is that if you wait for these questions to refund the fee, first register, and wait for them to clear it. Uniform refund “, the staff of the Information Office of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Jimo District said that since this year, the Information Office has received calls from multiple residents complaints, and they will also coordinate operators as soon as possible to solve problems for residents.


Source: Daily Economic News

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