The mobile phone case born to prevent falling


Nowadays, the thickness of the mobile phone is getting thinner and thinner for the convenience of carrying and beauty. It is beautiful to make a mobile phone. The degree has also greatly reduced. Before


In 1.5, the thickness inside is not bad, and it can even be brought.

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One is because its quality is very good. The second is because it is very thick. You can find that Nokia’s mobile phones are more than 1 cm. In order to protect the thinner mobile phone, the mobile phone case is developed by people.


The material of the mobile phone case on the market is mainly divided into five types: metal, plastic, organic glass, wood, cortex, and of course there are protective cases of other materials, such as cloth, but the mainstream mobile phone case is the previous one.

Metal -made mobile phone cases are mostly aluminum and magnesium alloys. Common styles are metal back shells and metal frames. Some metal protective shells are designed by patch. For example, the shell substrate is PC plastic. On the basis of the shell, a metal patch is pasted to improve the solidity and texture of the protective shell. Metal mobile phone cases are mainly to increase the texture of the mobile phone. Men’s preferred.

PMMA is actually “organic glass”, which is the “acrylic” that we often call. Its scientific name is “Polyetic acrylic methyl”. This material can be said to be the most solid. Many manufacturers will use this kind of acrylic The material is made of raw materials. The products made are very strong and wear -resistant. But the one who chooses the glass mobile phone case is more for




You can also choose picture customization.

Plastic shells mainly refer to PC (polycarbonate),


, PP (large bending will turn white) and TPU, silicone and other materials. The first two are hard plastic shells. The PP material is slightly soft, but it has a certain hardness. The TPU and silicone material belong to the soft shell. There are some plastic mobile phone cases that have carcinogenic substances and choose cautiously.


Compared with all other materials, the TPU material and silicone material are definitely the milder, softest and safest. The mobile phone cover made of silicone and TPU can not only protect the mobile phone in an all -round way, but also can better bear the impact and avoid breaking when the mobile phone falls down and the corners. However, the protective case of silicone material is easy to deform and yellow.

The mobile phone cases of various materials have the function of anti -drop, each with advantages and disadvantages. It depends on their own preferences if choosing.

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