Simple Hundreds, Stars: Spring Summer Circle Hook Needle Shot (Cooperative Graphics)




The family has been in the 6th lace line, and the foot is a pound. I can’t see the right. I have to start the long-sleeved, changed the next paragraph of the clothes, and Yicke has a pin. The original version is this for me. The fat man is too unfriendly, decisively remove the removal


“Star Light”




Lace double stock, one catty is almost all light


3.0mm can hook



Sleeve 17 * 2, Bust 43.5 * 2

Not very satisfied, but finally destroyed a pound

I am 169, weight 124 catties

Work show:

First come to see the original, because this widow is then cultivated, just eliminating a pound of a line

My revision, now wear right

Weaving instructions:

10 needles, 50 grids

According to the graph, 22 patterns, 10 needles, 220 needles, the next loop plus 10 needles (diagram this part did not add pin and eliminated needle, I feel that the shoulder is very tightly removed and the needle, the feed part is still The bursting rice flower needle is better, I am a hook 8-pin jujube needle bean is not obvious), 230 needles, anti-pulp, one-line needle, one line begins to distinguish

Go on five elements


20-pin braid

Sleeve 47+ 20+ drop 9,76 pins, sleeves receive three needles to receive 73 needles, do not add 35 lines, 36th line harvest three-pin, start pattern 2, after the end, long needle and a line of dog teeth

Movie 68+ armpits 20+ rear tablets 68+ underarm 20,176 needles do not lose 25 lines

26th line plus 4 pins 180 needles start pattern 2

After the end, the two lines long needle and the short needle dog teeth end

Flower 2 draws the first picture of the cociation in the mouth, the lower half is this


Posing is not easy, welcome sisters to step on


• END •

君 wj