This summer, the retro college is popular with wind, striped shirts with black shorts, commute and age reduction


How to wear more advanced in summer

Refreshing style

Intersection It should be a problem that many little fairies are thinking. This summer, retro schools are popular with wind, striped shirts with black shorts, commute and age reduction!

With the good weather in the summer, I dressed myself beautifully, and let myself sun again ~~

>> Large lapel striped shirt+black shorts.


This dress is too suitable for young children to learn from, especially


Striped shirt

, Adopting a big lapel design sense, this seems more playful and cute, wearing a different temperament, and becoming a college girl girl in seconds.

Combined with the short black short models, this “

Disappear in the lower body


“Putting on the method, make you look more tall and thin, show your long legs, and then with a pair of retro Mary Zhen shoes, and a black retro woven bag,

>> Universal Black Beret..


If you want to show a playful temperament, we can come to a black one



It is really amazing. With it looks high -level, with a slight smile, it is as beautiful as the first love girlfriend, super beautiful.


This black pants are also worthy of our reference, using asymmetric design, so that wearing it is beautiful.

Shirt striped shirt plugged in pants

Inside, adding shorts is the design sense of high waist, naturally you can improve the waistline well.

Sigh and thin


The effect comes out immediately.

>> Color matching technique.

For girls in the small white crowd, it is the most suitable for choosing a solid color series. It has more than 3 colors on the whole body, so

The clothes are fine


, Instead of designing flowers, the bullish is not easy to match.


NO.2: Green solid color+white shorts.

We then look at the second fashion blogger’s wear. It uses a loose design green solid color and white shorts. It is also the matching method of shirt+shorts. The refreshing style is too suitable for summer.




Jackal bunfle -collar shirt


It can be said that it is a girl who likes to wear French -style style, and the clothing items that are compared in summer. The upper body of the fabric is smooth and breathable.

It is naturally needless to say such a shirt comfort. The design of the opening leaders is relatively loose, which means that it is suitable for girls with slightly fat girls. They can cover small defects on the waist. Do n’t be afraid without small waist.

>> Put with high waist pine tight shorts.

We then look at the matching of the lower body, the “power -style” dress style, the lower body shorts are relatively short, either a short skirt, let’s look at this today

High waist loose pants

The upper body effect looks capable and comfortable, and has a high degree of tolerance. If the girl with a “cheekbone wide” can be modified well, and you can’t see your figure’s shortcomings.


Step on a pair on your feet

Maryzhen shoes


This year’s shoes are too popular this year, because the shoes are not designed with a pointed head, but the design of the round head is gentle, and it looks sweet and cute.

The fashion blogger’s dressing is very interesting,

Choose too

Dark green

And, and there are


It is also dark green.

Low saturation

“The clothes items come with it, green is originally

Self -presence

Feeling, choosing a contrasting matching skills can look more layered and layered

Vitality, youthful and energetic

, Beautiful.


NO.3: striped T -shirt+khaki shorts.

The youthful and vibrant dress style, this whole piece is good -looking, using one “


“The combined striped shirt is matched with the khaki color. It is small but fashionable, which is really important.

This set of wear is also worth learning from everyone to learn from, making yourself more Fashion and full of charm.

This summer is more popular:

Shirts, T -shirts+shorts, high western gas

The little man has been replaced for a long time. You can learn the matching skills of these 3 fashion bloggers, and you can also be beautiful.


Don’t need too much clothes, and how to match it reasonably, what do you say?

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