The new Chinese style decoration, which is never out of date, is stunning as soon as you enter! Come and bask


After 3 months of waiting, I finally entered the new home with ventilation. The decoration style is a new Chinese style. The effect is elegant and generous. The whole family is satisfied! Friends come home as a guest at home and say that it is too beautiful. Is this the hottest decoration style this year?

Go to the household


The entry corridor picked a tile of atmospheric spots, and the right hand was a whole row of shoe cabinets.

The shoe cabinet is customized. The top design does not have the problem of accumulating ashes to clean. The craft flower is placed on the middle countertop, and the elegant atmosphere comes.


living room


The most eye -catching living room is a variety of flowers and birds, giving a vibrant feeling. The classic atmosphere is very atmospheric. The sofa is a beam -colored fabric sofa, but it adds a warm and stylish feeling.


The TV wall does not make too exaggerated shapes, just low -key and generous. The carpet and the futon are good for online shopping. What you want is a leisurely and comfortable sense of life.


Dining room

The simple wooden table, because I missed the bench that I saw in the grandfather’s house when I was young, I also raised a handful to put it back to the new home, which is particularly beautiful and comfortable!



The style of the kitchen is more modern. The white cabinet looks more comfortable, simple and practical!

The kitchen has a large bay window, which is connected to the balcony of life. It is very pleasant to eat breakfast and drink tea on the bar ~

Master bedroom

The layout is very simple, the feeling of peace and peace is the most suitable for rest, and the space is enough to make a simple ceiling.

The television cabinet and a bucket cabinet were placed at the end of the bed.


This is the mother -in -law’s room. The window is relatively small. The light is not so sufficient, so the wall is warm yellow.


Children’s room

This room is the child’s room, and the child is not too small to have his own ideas for his room layout. It is simple and refreshing.

This corner window sill is his favorite place, often sitting on it to read books.


The bathroom is not suitable for Chinese -style elements, so it is more modern and stylish. The shower area was separated by glass doors.


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