Huaqiangbei Hao Voice Singer bravely captured CCTV’s “gold microphone”


On the evening of May 23, in the three sets of CCTV’s “The Battle of the Vietnamese Vietnamese Gold Mortar”, Xie Tingrong, the 2015 Huaqiang Bei Good Voice Finals, won the judges and audiences with a song “Wujiang Mountain Gorge Gallery”. The favor of friends, successfully captured the ring and defended, won the “gold microphone” award, and became one of the five “gold microphones” awards in the show. It is also the first “gold microphone” born in Guangdong so far in Guangdong. The winner.

Xie Tingrong is a director of Huaqiangbei Street Mass Culture Society. He participated in Huaqiangbei Voice and Weekend Plaza Music Fair last year. Won the throne of the finals. Huaqiangbei Hao Voice and Weekend Plaza Music Weekend is a useful exploration of Huaqiangbei Street’s characteristic business district culture. The event integrates Geyi Competition with the cultural and entertainment of the business district, creating a grass -roots singer, “Sing you, you want to sing you, you want to sing you The “Liberty Music Stage of Singing” has received the popularity of music enthusiasts since its establishment, and has discovered a large number of professional grass -roots singers.

As the planner of Huaqiangbei Hao’s Voice Activities, Wu Saifeng, president of Huaqiangbei Street Mass Culture Society, said in an interview with reporters that a street -level mass cultural activity brand has already opened in CCTV’s “Vietnam War”. The two outstanding singers of Di Tingrong won the “Silver Micoet” award. This time Xie Tingrong won the “Gold Movement” award again. The spur of this activity.

It is understood that Xie Tingrong is from Shaoyang, Hunan. He has been a private teacher and local civil servants in the Mainland. In 2010, he participated in the National Civil Service Examination for the Shenzhen Border Inspection Police. He has been sang by his father’s influence since he was a child. When he graduated from high school, he passed the Guangxi Academy of Arts at the Conservatory of Music. Normal schools with lower fees learn music education.


Xie Tingrong has never given up his dreams and hobbies and studies on music in different jobs. After the work of the Shenzhen border inspection, he is busy with work and irregular work hours. In the rest of the day, I will insist on arranging the time to practice singing by myself, communicate and learn from friends who like to sing with me, and I will find a better teacher who sings better than myself to guide the study.

“Vietnamese Vietnam” is a large variety show that CCTV-3 variety channels in recent years. The theme of “Singing Dreams and Challenging Golden Spots” is as funny and humorous. Society conveys good moral education and social aesthetic direction; the show is facing the public, unlimited singing methods, unlimited occupations, and selected conditions based on basic singing levels. Pay attention to players with entrepreneurial experience, family filial piety and growth process; through new media, through new media Communicate and interact with the audience and players, and create a real stage for the people to create “singing” and “telling the truth”. (Liu Jianjun Zhao Shiyang)