Great Wall wine “Red Country Wine” positioning dispute


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While opposing the Moutai “National Wine” trademark application and issuing the “Red Guojiu” strategy, experts believe that the Great Wall still cannot support the positioning


A few days ago, the Moutai Group told the national business judges to end the lawsuit due to the “National Wine Moutai” trademark controversy. The 31 “third parties” that had objections to Moutai’s “National Wine” trademark had surfaced.

The Beijing News reporter recently found in the review decision of the business judges that COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. was listed in these 31 “third parties”. The strategic positioning of the Great Wall Wine’s “Red State Wine”. On the official website of COFCO Group, there are also related “national wine” publicity.

According to the analysis, the liquor market has Moutai who claims to be “national wine”, and Great Wall wine offers the strategic intention of “red national wine” to suppress opponents in marketing channels. It is one of its strategic adjustments under its long -term performance. However, from the perspective of brand value, enterprise scale, market performance or industry status, Great Wall wine cannot support the positioning of “national wine”.

Great Wall claims to be “red kingdom wine”

On December 31, 2016, the National Trademark Office did not register the “national wine trademark” applied for Moutai Group. On January 13, 2017, Moutai Group submitted a review application to the business judges and was opposed by 31 “third parties” from Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Langjiu, Fenjiu, and COFCO Great Wall. The National Trademark Agency’s “Decision on Registration Review Decision on the” National Wine Moutai “trademark on May 25, 2018 shows that COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. has objections as the 8th disagreement.

While opposing Moutai’s “National Wine” trademark, Great Wall Wine released its “Red State Wine” strategy at the 40th anniversary strategy conference held on January 3 this year. According to reports, Li Shiyi, deputy general manager of COFCO Industry and General Manager of Great Wall Wine, said, “National Wine is a majority of national wine culture, a national mainstream culture logo. , Beer has Qingdao. Red country wine is contained in the vision of national brands, and the mission of COFCO CITC is condensed. “

Regarding why the “Red Country Wine” was adopted, Great Wall Wine responded to the Beijing News reporter on August 20 that the “Great Wall” national brand is also a representative brand of Chinese wine, representing the development of Chinese wine. “Great Wall Wine is the first bottle of dry white, the first bottle of dry red, and the first bottle of traditional method of brewing wine. Planting, scientific research, and marketing have made great contributions to the Chinese wine industry, leading the development of Chinese wine. “

The Beijing News reporter noticed that on the current official website of COFCO Group, Great Wall wine is described as “the leader in the field of Chinese wine”, which is “a business card that represents the world to wait for the world”, “established the status of national wine”, and adheres to the “Great Wall of China , Red Country Wine “strategy,” Great Wall wine deeply cultivates the local customs, concentratedly brewed, enjoys the reputation of the “state -owned event, the Great Wall” in the domestic wine industry. “

Jiu Jiu analyst Cai Xuefei believes that Great Wall wines have proposed the “red country wine” strategic intention to implement marketing pressure on competitors. In addition, the “red country wine” of Great Wall wine belongs to the small concept of wine, and the influence is not great nationwide.

“National Wine” positioning is opposed by the industry

In fact, as early as China Food (COFCO’s listed company, the original Great Wall wine parent company) in the semi -annual report of 2017, the Great Wall wine brand was positioned as “national wine”, and it was called “state -owned events, must drink the Great Wall” dissemination. Already running through. But with the official launch of the “Red State Wine” strategy, Great Wall wine has also been opposed by the industry.

There is a voice that in terms of long history, sales performance, market share, or world influence, Great Wall wine is not appropriate for “national wine”. Zhangyu wine, one of the “carriage” of domestic wines, has a strong impact on the Great Wall in terms of historical development and performance.

Public information shows that Zhangyu wine was born in Yantai, Shandong in 1892, and has a history of more than 100 years. In 1915, Zhangyu Wine won the major medal symbolizing the highest honor at the Panama World Expo. In 1949, Zhang Yu’s wine also appeared at the first national banquet in New China. At the 2016 G20 summit welcoming dinner, Zhang Yu Ai Fei Caberinel’s red and Dali dried white wine became receiving wine.

COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 and produced the first bottle of dry red, dry white and traditional foam wine in China. Great Wall Wine was the only designated wine for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and appeared at the APEC conference, Boao Asian Forum, and major international conferences.

From the financial report, Zhang Yu’s wine performance is also higher than the Great Wall. Zhangyu wines in the past three years show that Zhangyu’s wine revenue from 2015-2017 was 4.649 billion yuan, 4.717 billion yuan, and 4.932 billion yuan; net profit was 1.03 billion yuan, 982 million yuan, and 1.03 billion yuan.

According to the Chinese Food Annual Report, as of June 2017, the domestic wine business with Great Wall wine as the core of Chinese food has continued to lose more than 30 months. From 2015 to the first half of 2017, it lost HK $ 240 million, HK $ 210 million, and 410 million. Hong Kong dollar.

Cai Xuefei believes that the “national wine” positioning of Great Wall wine is only used for publicity. If you want to follow Moutai to apply for trademarks in the future, Zhangyu wine may be the first to oppose. Except for some historical and special plots, Great Wall Wine cannot support the “national wine” positioning in terms of brand value, enterprise scale, market performance, or industry status.

The main cause of the confrontation or the main cause

The proposal of the Great Wall wine “Red Country Wine” strategy is that the analysis is related to its long -term downturn. On October 16, 2017, after more than 30 months of losses for Great Wall wine, Chinese food announced that all the wine category business including Great Wall wine and 4 investment holding companies with other non -beverage business will only be retained in the future and Coca -Cola in the future Joint venture business.

After being stripped, Great Wall Wine has carried out a series of adjustments, which is called “self -rescue behavior” by the industry. On November 13 last year, the Great Wall Wine Industry Department of COFCO Industry Co., Ltd. released the “Great Wall Product Management [2017] No. 1” “Notice on Complete the Great Wall Wine Product Line to eliminate some inefficient products”, eliminating the Great Wall wine brand The 407 SKUs will no longer purchase packaging materials, and the existing packaging materials will not be produced after digestion; product finished inventory, in accordance with the principle of not returning and disrupting the market order.

According to reports, on July 12, 2018, Great Wall wine once again implemented a “slimming” strategy and cut off 163 products from 6 factories. After two products sorting out, the number of Great Wall wine products has been reduced from more than 1,000 before to more than 400. In March of this year, Great Wall Wine also launched five strategic items: Sangan, five -star, talent, Huaxia, and Coast during the National Sugar and Wine Club to conform to consumption upgrades.

In addition, Great Wall wine also plans to adjust the product price line to try to reduce low -end. At the National Sugar and Wine Club in March this year, Li Shizhen, deputy general manager of COFCO and Great Wall Wine Institute, said that in the future, the retail price of Great Wall’s supermarket terminal will be gradually pushed to more than 50 yuan. Some people in the industry have revealed that Great Wall Wine also plans to raise prices for its five -star brand.

The Beijing News reporter visited the two supermarkets in the Beijing market on August 20th that there were still many products under 50 yuan of Great Wall wine. Among the first flight of Fengtai, the 650ml Great Wall boutique dry white wine, 46 yuan/bottle 750ml Great Wall special brewed red wine, and 78 yuan two bottles of 750ml Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Wall Great Way Essence In Fengtai Yijing Supermarket, it is also selling a 22 yuan bottle of Great Wall Huaxia series dry red wine. A supermarket employee said that the sales of wines under 50 yuan were poor, and consumers were more inclined to buy products of more than 50 yuan. Among the official flagship stores of Tmall Great Wall Wine, there are 4 products for less than 50 yuan for sale, and the highest sales are 77 monthly sales.

Regarding the timetable for price increase, Great Wall wine responded to the Beijing News reporter in an interview that “there is no notice of price increase.”

Cai Xuefei said that cutting a large number of SKUs, this “broken arm survival” method has not affected the performance, and the enterprise needs to be fully prepared. Short -term performance fluctuations will bring greater uncertainty and risk increase. In the context of the entire consumption upgrade, a series of reform effects of Great Wall wine must be there, but this mid -to -high -end strategy is a long -term strategy and requires the support of the company’s strong resources. It is difficult to guarantee and be cautious. “

This edition is written/Beijing News reporter Wang Ziyang