Do you have to travel while traveling and drawing?


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Longquan Temple Xiaojing

It is a wonderful thing while traveling while traveling. A backpack, a set of brushes, to reach the destination, choose a small scenery, and present it on the painting paper. Pharaoh’s Longquan Temple One -day tour, record the small scenery of Longquan Temple with a brush, and teach you to draw it!

(Small scenery of Longquan Temple)

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【use tools】

Sakura solid pigment 24 colors, cherry blossom needle pipe pen

(Children’s shoes without the painting material can use similar colors)

Paper: Mid -coarse Watercolor


“””【step 1】:

Draw the shape of the brown pipe strokes directly, the difficulty in the ups and downs of the tile; draw the outer contour of the trees, and then draw the texture of the trees with a small stroke. Painting according to the direction of the trees (P1 ↓)

“Step 2]:


No. 003 White Watercolor+143 Blue

Watercolor, add more water, draw the blue bottom surface of the wall, let the color naturally stun (P2 ↓)

“Step 3]::

No. 143 Blue Watercolor +024 Orange

Watercolor, add a little water, call out the blue gray, and paint the color of the wall; the color of the wall is heavier, the color of the projection is heavier, with less water and more color; )


“Step 4]:

Cooked brown No. 194


Watercolor, add a little water, draw the color of the trees; the dark part of the tree is heavier, and the color is superimposed; at the same time, the trees in the door (P4 ↓)

“Step 5]:


Use the green watercolor No. 116, add a little water, draw the color of the green leaves in the door, just apply a layer to simply, add more water on the green, draw the color in the door (P5 ↓)


“Step 6]:

Use red watercolor, add a little water, draw the color of the door frame, pay attention to the bright and dark relationship of the door frame (P6 ↓)

“Step 7]:


Use No. 116 green watercolor, add a little water, draw the leaves behind the house, complete (P7 ↓)


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