Want to wear skirts in winter and be afraid of cold? It is recommended to choose “medium long models”, elegant and fashionable, accompany you to warm the winter


The charm of the skirt may not need to be said. As a beautiful woman, they should be fulfilled. It does not have that deliberate expression, but it can easily hit the softness of the deep inside. This is probably the height that many items cannot reach, nor can it be comparable to it.

The styles of skirts are thousands of thousands. As a mid -long skirt, they look elegant ladies, and they are also relatively high in warm -up in autumn and winter. No matter how you match, you can wear the romantic and elegant feelings.


Speaking of each kind of skirt, it has its own sense of fashion, and the charm of the mid -long skirt is very elegant. It is very beautiful to interpret the feelings of the mature beauty’s desire to refuse to return.

The color system of the middle and long skirts is also changing. If you like nostalgia, you can choose a plaid style. This kind of wear looks classic and has some layering. It also appears without monotonous visual. The bottom shirt, the breath of romantic house appeared in a moment.


The dark and half -body skirt of the dark color system is relatively low -key, and it can also wear an elegant ladylike feeling. If you feel more monotonous, you can add some fashion embellishments such as pleated, and you can wear a sense of layering, and the relaxation of the leg shape will appear higher. In other words, the comfort is better.

On the choice of tops, a printed sweater is enough to bloom the sense of layering and beautiful. If you have a good body condition, put the sweater’s clothes on the skirt randomly, so that you look so deliberate and elegant to wear, and it looks good.

Some girls always think that the pear -shaped figure is not good to choose a half skirt. In fact, you do n’t know how to wear it. No matter how bad the figure can be worn through the clothes, you can zoom in your advantages and reduce the shortcomings.

The shape of the A -line skirt can perfectly modify the pear -shaped figure to make a good figure. It perfectly cover your width flaw in the skirt. Where can people’s vision see the scenery of your skirt. The upper body is matched with a knitted sweater, gentle and ladylike temperament, wearing double -comfortable short boots.


The thin skirt decorated with fine grids is sufficient to be fashionable. In addition, a little pleated decoration will look more beautiful, and the retro atmosphere will be lifted again. Solid -colored short boots must also come to make fun, let alone it is just right, and perfectly improve the fashion of the lower body.

The matching of the upper body can be simpler. A solid color sweater can be perfectly ended. The hem is fully tied into the skirt. Not very picky.

The most classic color matching is, of course, those combinations of black and white or red, white, red and black, are very elegant and generous.


The skirt can still be worn like this, using black, glowing with some glossy skirts, it is best to add some pleated modification, so that the fashion will rise, and the single nature will be wiped out invisible. go. The upper body is paired with a very simple white shirt, forming an enviable black and white collision. The classic and generous feeling of it is not out of time. It is really good.


There are some bodies with some warm -colored tone rendering. I feel that it won’t be cold this winter. The slightly A -shaped silhouette is very good to wear to modify the leg shape.


This is also suitable for most aesthetics. With fresh and simple white shirts, it is also exposed inadvertently. A pair of comfortable dark brown short boots are added. It looks fashionable to wear, and has some retro charm. It is also very versatile, and there are many women who like it.

There is no need to say that the classic of checkered skirts. Many people know its classic, mild and versatile elegance, and the color is more public, you can wear a eye -catching sight. Exquisite.

This colorful checkered, matched with a white paper -like white shirt, can be described as so beautiful that it is good, and it will not feel good and high -profile, but it does not look low -key. Many women like it.

The grid element is one of the classics on this train on this train. No one says it has criticism or no one says it has inappropriate. Its classics and glory can see some clues from the number of fans they have, which is extremely rich in layers, and the three -dimensional sense is super strong.

It looks fashionable and picky with a more beautiful shirt. If you have a good figure, you can also stuff the hem into the skirt to optimize the proportion of the figure, while avoiding the procrastination.

Each skirt has its fashion, and the middle and long half skirts are the same. In this era full of tenderness, do you feel that haze and melancholy have left far away?


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Want to wear skirts in winter and be afraid of cold? It is recommended to choose “medium long models”, elegant and fashionable, accompany you to warm the winter