Women’s skirts along the history of the leather | The first military dress of our army is a dress


The military skirt is an important “line” of female soldiers in the world. It is also military uniforms that can be the most feature characteristics. In addition to individual national army female soldiers do not wear military skirts due to folk customs, other military female soldiers in other countries are less than the military skirt. In the military uniforms of some national female soldiers, there is no pants, and the four seasons are wearing skirts.

Our military female soldiers in the revolutionary war period, due to the conditions of the time, don’t say that military skirts, even special women’s military uniforms did not, the female soldiers were wearing a military uniforms like a male soldier. After the founding of New China, with the development of the army, the development of the formalization, our military women soldiers not only have specialized clothing, but also have more and more beautiful skirts!

Northeast Anti-Fedeware Warrior has passed through the military skirt

During the anti-Japanese War, the battle between the Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition forces between Bai Mountain Black Water was very sinister, but the anti-United troops have had their own military uniforms. There are many Korean soldiers in the anti-United unit, taking into account the habit of wearing a skirt in the Korean woman, the anti-bouncing fighters have also sent the same as the military uniform color, pattern and Korean long skirts close. . This kind of military skirt is produced by anti-affiliated federation, and the army of the army has a factory. But when the conditions are the most difficult, the federal factory has a problem to survive, and the anti-United warrior can only wear anything.


Northeast Anti-UNIT Army Female Warrior.


Especially after 1940, the Japanese launched a cruel discussion against the Northeast Anti-Japanese Army, and the annihilation of the anti-United troops was heavy, and the Jungle was sharply reduced to more than 3,000 people. In order to save our party’s only anti-Japanese armed forces in Northeast, the Northeast Anti-Japanese Army is strategically transferred, and most of the forces have retained to the Soviet Far East. In July 1942, under the support of the Soviet Far East Army, the Northeast Affiliated Department of Northeast, withdrawal into the Soviet Union, is integrated into a teachings, and is included in the Soviet army. Among them, the female soldiers wear a cap, wearing a skirt, with a long boots.

On October 5, 1943, some cadres of the self-employed military uniforms were taken into a photo.

At that time, the soldiers of the Soviet (Army) female soldiers were the same as the colors of the military clothing. In the late Second World War, the Soviet female soldier military skirt and the colors of the endless cap are changed to the blue.

In 1945, the anti-UNITR in Northeast, and she wearing a military dress at this time should be blue.


50 female soldier dress

Is the first military dress of our army


Shortly after the founding of New China, with the beginning of the construction of the army, our army has unified the military uniform style in 1950, called 50 military uniforms. At that time, the most aggressive woman’s dress (summer dress) was a kind of imitation skirt. 50 military uniforms to a large extent, borrowed from Sujun clothing style, such as big hat, warrior pullover, Lenin suit, and female military dress is completely “Braji” (Russian dress transliteration) army Version.


Three army women wearing a dress and water jacket.


The female soldier dress style is a roll-up, the head, the upper opening of the upper opening, two bursts, long sleeves, tight sleeves, the middle waist is a belt, the skirt is under the knee, the following materials It is the lamination of the vulcanization. Also equipped with shorts, medium over knee cylinders. The land, the Air Force dress is all grass green, and the navy dress is full of blue. The Navy has another full-white dress as a dress. Due to the limited conditions, the women’s soldiers were not unified when the female soldiers were in the dress. From the photos, there were shoes and cloth shoes.

At that time, there were very happy after the dozens of thousands of female soldiers received the dress. This is the first female military uniform specializing in the design of female soldiers in our army. It is also the first military dress of our army. However, “beauty” is not long, the female soldprine clothes have not been worn enough, after 1953, it is basically no longer wearing a dress. The reason for canceling the dress, one is that the dress is wider, work, training, labor is not as good as trousers; the second is that the northern troops take off the cotton coat and lack of transition. The final dress is replaced by trousers trousers. Many female soldiers collect the dress and become a good memory.

Army female soldier wearing a dress.

In 1953, the female literary group worker


Scottoman skirt

During the war, our army had a special literary worker, but there was no special formulation, and the military uniforms and ordinary military uniforms in the performance of the artwork were exactly the same, and the top is new, clean. After the founding of New China, the conditions were good. In 1953, it is specially designed a formula in the cultural team, and the entire army professional work group is disposed. Female groups wear no caps; tops are suits, tied with armed tape; lower as blue skirts, wearing long boots.


In 1953, I just changed on a regular performance of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army.

From the end of 1953 to the spring of 1954, the People’s Liberation Army Song and Dance Troupe visited the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and other friendly countries, specializing in the production of clothing, the skirt of the female and cultural group, is the supreme skirt, the clothing is a woolen, and it is also equipped with a woolen coat. At that time, this set of lines was quite luxurious.

In 1954, the People’s Liberation Army Dance Troupe visited the photos of Eastern Europe. The cultural team members of the workmanship are all imitation of the cap, pullover, and the floral skirt.

55 female military officer dress clothing

Good might!

In 1955, in cooperation with the implementation of the military, the whole army equipped with new military clothing – 55-style military uniforms. Premier Zhou was reviewed in the revision of military uniform samples, it was specifically proposed that “the female comrade summer dress should be changed to the suite of the big lapel, to match the skirt; the women’s winter clothes can still use a small lace (switch), because winter is not wear a skirt.”

55-style female soldiers often served as skirts, women will be officials in the school and the cultural group, and the body team women (team) dresses are also skirts.

Dress, often serving the skirts are Western skirts, officers and soldiers with the same paragraph. Color: Army, the Air Force is blue, the Navy is a blue. Ingredients: Will the official dress skirt as pure Waha; school official dress skirt and cultural group, the sports team dress skirt is pure hair buzz; put the official summer service skirt as pure hairy, the school official summer service skirt is a silkworm, the post-change For Mao Fan Li Ding; 官, the soldier Xia normal service skirt is a cotton twilight, and then it is changed to cotton flat cloth. The school’s official summer clothes and the cultural group, the body team dress dress.

Lu Haiye three army school official dress.

Lu Haiye San Army Listeer Summer Summer

Lu Haiye Third Army Works Group, Sports Team Women (Team) Dress.


55 skirts, whether it is a variety or quality, a peak in my military skirt development history. Especially the female school, the official and the cultural worker, the sports team workers wear a skirt, tied to the armed belt, mighty, and the spirit! Regrettably, in 1965, our army canceled the army of the army, the skirt clothing was also eliminated with the army, the big hat, no hat, water vents, woors, armed belts, etc.

In 1974, female soldiers recovered without along the sleeves and skirts.

On May 1, 1974, our military clothing has been reform: Navy clothing has recovered in 1955 color and style, and cadres wear big hats, soldiers wearing soldiers, wearing water wear. At the same time, the soldiers of the whole army allocated the skirt, and the military cap was changed to a soft cap. Two folds in the skirt, the material is “three yuan” blend cloth (commonly known as “good”), the color army is the grass green, the Navy, and the Air Force are blue.

Our army canceled the skirt in 1965, until 1974, has been 9 years. On May 1, 1974, the female soldiers finally recovered the skirt! On this day, when the female soldiers replaced the grass green and the blue “indeed” military skirt, the new image appeared in front of people, suddenly attracted a lot of surprised and apprentices.

The land sea and empty three army women who have just changed the skirt.

The 74-style military service reforms, and the 65-type military uniforms that have been monotonous at the time, especially the skirts and uncomfortable caps, which makes the female soldiers to add a few more elegance.


In 1978, the military skirt was folded by two folds from the predecessor, and the Army also changed to the blue blue, the three army skirt colors.

Women wearing a 78-style modified military skirt accepted reviews.

National Day 35th Anniversary Wen

Women’s team put on a wool army dress

National Day 35th Anniversary Workwear Wearing the Female and Team of the New Military Service.


In 1984, the National Day, Beijing Tiananmen Square held a grand national celebration. The first female soldier team consisting of 422 female students, a female warrior passed through Tiananmen, and the female soldiers have received praise from all walks of life; at the same time, the new military uniforms wearing the soldiers also have a deep impression.

The military uniforms all in this parade, all of the military uniforms that will be equipped with the entire army. The team members of the female soldiers were wearing 85 models, wearing a big hat, the new epaulette, leader, tape belt, wearing hair tops and skirts, pedal long boots, military, and screamed. At that time, the active military skirt is still “good”, the women’s team’s skirt fabric is 70/30 wool, the color is a blue, more flat, and comfortable.

Long boots are specially distributed for military parade.


87-style military skirt with the longest equipment

Air Force female trails wearing 87 models (skirts) accepted reviews.

On October 1, 1988, our army implemented a new military system, and equipped with 87 military uniforms. The 87-style female officer and ladies soldiers often served as a small opening, with a white shirt, a rose red tie, a system shirt, short-sleeved (after adding long sleeves), underworld is Western pants and skirts, wearing a big hat .

Skirt color and fabrics: The female officer is a blue, and the woman will be the official of the wool Versian, the female school is 70/30 wool blend Versa, the licensee is 45/55 wool blend Versunding. The ladies soldiers are blue, still three-yuan blend cloth (“good”).

87-style naval female officer skirt (short-sleeved shirt + skirt).


The 87-style military skirt begins with equipment from 1988, but its style, color, fabric and 85 are basically the same. By 2007, I was replaced by 07. I have been equipped for more than 20 years before and after, and I have the longest military dress for our military equipment.

The new generation of military skirts are turned!


In the 80th anniversary of the 2007 Jianjun, the whole army equipped a new generation of military uniforms – “07” military uniforms. “07” military uniforms redesigned the female soldiers, fashion and beautiful, the waist is obvious, the curve is highlighted; there is a fixed skirt, the skirt is beautiful; the zipper is open, changed the long-term opening of our military skirts for a long time. Pattern. The military skirt fabric is a wool blend serum, the ingredient is an Australian wool / polyester / elastic wire (45/45/10), color army pine branches green, navy white, air force blue gray. Soldier skirt fabrics are more alicycine gerbera (pure polyester flat cloth), the army pine branches green, the navy white, the air force blue gray. Shallow mouth shoes with the skirt, the shoes are higher than the past, thin, and can show the beauty of the female soldiers and elegants.

07 Triller female military officer short-sleeved summer often served a skirt.

The military officer in 2013, the female officer used the skirt, the fabric was high-woven, and the front is not folded, the rear fork, the skirt is shortened, simple and generous, and more cool in summer.

Land, sea, empty, rocket army summer dress (wearing 16-style female summer service cap).


Our military women’s skirts are getting more beautiful, not only showing the style of female soldiers, but also a microcosm of our military military service.

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