Don’t say that the chip card is around, it has nothing to do with you


Since the U.S. government has used export control methods in the trade war, and some Chinese companies are included in the entity list, the speech on the Internet about the chip “stuck neck” is very loud. Many netizens talk about mobile phones and computers with fewer talks. In addition, some low -level self -media and marketing numbers follow the rhythm of follow -up, so that the news review area of ​​semiconductor technology and chip manufacturing has become the hardest hit area. It seems that there is a red button in the distant Western countries. As soon as you press it, the people of the country will be stuck around their necks and can’t breathe.

However, it is very embarrassing to see that the chip imported card does not stuck its neck. It does not create a research chip in my country. A company does not need the latest 5nm chip to follow the “East Kings” who are on the Internet. It doesn’t matter at all, it has nothing to do with my country’s national security and the happiness of the people.

First of all, the chip “card neck” problem is essentially a technical barrier. The chip has intellectual property rights like the color TV refrigerator washing machine at home. Naturally, it is not who can build it. There are a few in total, and companies that can produce and foundry chips are also counted by one hand.

别再说芯片卡脖子了 它跟你其实没啥关系

Taking Intel as an example, this one was founded in 1968 and launched the world’s first commercial computer micro -processor 4004 in 1971. Intel spent more than half a century to have today’s achievements and status. In less than 50 years of reform and opening up in our country, smartphones have been popularized in less than 10 years. In such an environment, we hope that our country can realize from scratch in the semiconductor field, or even leading the world. It is really a dream.

Besides, the overall industry, the chip is a high -precision product, and the upstream supply chain is then designed to the final production and processing. Like other industrial products, other industrial products need a complete industrial chain and a healthy business environment. This kind of environment is not a few policies today. Tomorrow support points can be generated. It is necessary to develop real, so that practice can be formed slowly. Just look at the automotive industry of our country. After decades of development from being capable of assembly to independent research and development, we have a place in the world market.

Specifically, the demand for talents in such a high -precision field is also very huge. However, it was not until 2020 that my country will set up integrated circuits into first -level disciplines. It can be imagined that the lack of talents in this area. Without talents, it cannot be developed. How can technology improve? In such a poor competitiveness of domestic companies, it is naturally impossible to give a higher treatment than traditional leading manufacturers to retain talents. Under such a vicious circle, it can only cause technical backwardness.

别再说芯片卡脖子了 它跟你其实没啥关系

In addition, in terms of policy support, the state has great efforts to support these high -tech companies in the high -tech fields. In addition, the company can also raise funds through listing in recent years. The environment has been very good. Even so, there are still a series of projects such as Wuhan Hongxin, Hanxin, and Mulan who cheat money under the guise.

This is like the youth training system of the football club. It is important to buy money as a star, but the cultivation of reserve power is the key to determining the future.

In the essence of this issue, how do we use the chip? Unfortunately, the current top 5nm chip and 7nm chip on the market can have a little impact on personal mobile phones, PCs, and tablets, and the impact on the commercial field and government -enterprise office is almost 0. You should know that the latest AMD Xiaolong 7nm server processor is launched for less than 3 years. The share in the market is zero of old chips such as 14nm and 28nm. In this case, what are the so -called “stuck necks” so worried about ordinary people? And the production capacity of this new chip is very limited. You must know that among TSMC, the world’s largest foundry in the world, 7nm revenue accounts for more than 30%. How small is the demand for 5nm.

Although 14nm is relatively backward, it is very mature, with sufficient capacity and cheap price. There is no problem in applying in the fields of cloud computing, supercomputers, data centers, etc., and single -piece performance is almost meaningless in these fields. Under large -scale deployment, the cost of saving is far greater than the improvement of the so -called single -piece performance. Our country’s light, Tianhe No. 1 and other super -calculated CPUs are not domestic self -developed. What are the negative impacts?

别再说芯片卡脖子了 它跟你其实没啥关系

Of course, for a long time, it is not to say that our country does not need to pursue technologies such as 5nm and 7nm. It is natural to do it. There are many ways to innovate. It is not good for ourselves to go black. Our automotive industry is the best example. It has developed for so many years of combustion engines. Of course, it is not as good as the 100 -year -old manufacturer in the West, but it does not affect our normal use. What happened to others? Did the new energy vehicles in our country have achieved curve overtaking? Isn’t the battery technology still ahead?

In the end, we still want to give you a reassurance. Although we have relatively backward technology on the civilized chips, we are fully capable of developing and producing chips independently of military industry and aerospace. The situation of the neck.