News:*ST Shelley’s daily limit is reported at 2.05 yuan


The financial industry website November 2nd. Today,*ST Shelai opened at 1.99 yuan, as of 09:42, the stock rose 5.13%to 2.05 yuan, and the rising stop was closed.

Yesterday (2020-10-30) the net outflow of the stock was -33.723 million yuan, the main net outflow of -19.684 million yuan, a net single net outflow of -96,100 yuan, and a net outflow of retail households -439,800 yuan.

In the past month,*ST Shelley has been on the Dragon Tiger List 0 times, indicating that*ST Shelley’s stock is not active.

The company is mainly engaged in energy -saving lamps and supporting electronic ballasts, ultraviolet light sources and supporting electronic ballasts, automotive hoem lamps and supporting electronic ballasts, ceramic gold halogen lamps and supporting electronic ballasts, as well as LEDs, table lamps, air purification seriesproduct

As of September 30, 2020,*ST Xuelai’s operating income was 2218.9 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was -252.1248 million yuan, a decrease of -0.0%from last year, and the basic earnings per share was -0.03 yuan.

快讯:*ST雪莱涨停 报于2.05元

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