The king in red dates! How much do you know Hetian jujube?


The center of the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang is located at 37.12 ° north latitude. It is the world’s recognized fruit eugenic area. The average daily light of up to 15 hours provides a sufficient photosynthetic effect of Hetian Jujube. A longer, pollution -free alkaline sandy soil, and the irrigation of the snow -rich mountains rich in minerals, make the minerals of Hetian jujube richer, and do not apply pesticide fertilizers. food.

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How to divide the level of Hetian jujube

There are two factors affecting the quality of red dates: the first is the region and the second is the age of the tree.


Hotan is located at the south of the Taklama -Ganan Desert and at the foot of the Kunlun Mountain. It comes early here in spring. The frost is late. You can enjoy 20 days of light. The Hetian area has the earliest time to plant red jujube in Xinjiang, so the trees of jujube trees are longer.

Hetian dates are large, full of particles, thick pulp, thin skin core, rich nutrition, sweet and mellow taste. Each “Hetian Jujube” is the crystallization of natural essence, which is the best in jujube.

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It is also a red dates. Some people in Hetian have done an experiment. The nutritional value of Hetian red dates and the nutritional value of ordinary red dates.

1. Enhance human immunity

Jujube contains a large amount of sugar substances, mainly glucose, also contains fructose, sucrose, and hypoltan sugar, Arabia polysaccharides and lactal aldosterone composed of glucose and fructose; A variety of vitamins such as vitamin, carotene, and nikic acid have a strong nourishing effect, which can improve human immune function and enhance disease resistance.


2. Enhance muscle strength


Increase weight. The daily decoction of jujube is used for experiments. For a total of 3 weeks, the weight increase is significantly higher than that in the control group. In the swimming test, its swimming time is significantly extended compared And increase the role of weight.

3. Protect the liver with experiments confirmed


For tetrachloride carbonic liver injury, a dates are fed for a week for a week. As a result, total serum and albumin increased significantly compared with the control group, indicating that jujube had liver preservation effects.

4. Anti -allergy

Dabblone ethanol extracts can inhibit the production of antibodies on specific reactive diseases, and also inhibit the reactive antibody of small white rats, suggesting that jujube has anti -perverted reaction effects.

5. Sleeping God

The jujube contains flavonoids-double-glucoside A A has a sedative, hypnosis and antihypertensive effect. Among them, the isolated grapefruit C-glycoside has a central inhibitory effect, that is, reducing spontaneous exercise and stimulating reflection effects, nonders wood Stiffing, so jujube has the function of soothing and sedation.

6. Anti -cancer

Anti -resistance. Jujube contains a variety of three types of compounds. Among them, 烨 大 酸 and mountain acid are found to have anti-cancer activity, which has inhibitory effects on sarcoma S-180. The nutrients contained in jujube can enhance human immune function, and have a certain effect on anti -cancer and anti -cancer and maintaining the function of the human organs.

How to distinguish the Hetian dates and ordinary red dates

1. Look at the head of red dates

The Hetian jujube’s head is very large. The two ordinary Hetian dates are as large as an egg and are very weight. Ordinary red dates are much inferior in volume than Hetian dates. The dry jujube after a long placement is smaller, and Hetian jujube will not change a lot even if it is placed into a dry dates.


2. Look at the density of jujube meat

The Hetian jujube is thick and fine, pinching the texture with his hands, the general red dates are not so high, and after the pinch is finished, it will deform.


3. Taste the sweetness of red dates

Whether it is a fresh jujube or a dry dates, the sweetness is very high and there is no sour taste. Ordinary red jujube occasionally has high sweetness, but it is easy to taste sour in improper preservation.


4. Look at the outer skin folds of dried jujube

Fresh jujube’s skin is smooth one by one, but after becoming dry jujube, the difference is obvious. Hetian jujube folds are very small, and ordinary jujube pleateds are deep and deep.

Heaven is fairly given to Hetian’s rich resources while giving it a natural environment for the bad natural environment.

Hetian jujube

Hetian jade


Hetian Okun


Hetian walnut

Each one is the “treasure” given to the people of Heada in nature

Here is the king of Hetian jujube in the red dates world


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