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The design of the house must be very careful. If you can design a flat map within one hour, it must be unsatisfactory. When designing, a series of analysis after planning, strategy and positioning. To make reasonable use of space and make good use of it, each square can be discounting the next part of the price. The design of the ceiling wall, except for color material elements. In the overall plan, design the things you need. House decoration design training, non -professional people do not understand, the project construction procedures and processes inside. Good designers will be careful with the effects and estimates they want. According to consumers’ habits and preferences, their ideal living space is designed. It is very important to communicate with consumers. Design drawings also require brainpower and energy. It is necessary to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the house, analyze the habits and hobbies of each member of the consumer’s house, and make them meet their ideal living conditions in their space as much as possible. First plan the preliminary plan, so that it can be better expressed in the drawing in the future. House decoration design training, as much as possible to help consumers make the design better.

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