What materials are good for bay window pads? How to make the bay window padding?


The bay window should now have it at home. It is more common. The bay windows have a good flavor to make good use of it. Today, follow the editor of the decoration network to see, how to do the bay window padding!

What materials are good for bay window pads?

1. Fabric floating window cushion

Fabric bay windows are the most popular bay window pads. There are many types of patterns, and their styles can also be variable. It is suitable for various styles of homes, and it is also very convenient to clean up and take care of it!


2. Sponge pad bay window


The bay window cushion is commonly used in sponge cushions, which are elastic, softer and comfortable, and more warm, but the sponge pad is the same as some sofas, which is easier to aging and not environmentally friendly!

3. Wool floating window cushion

Laying a pad in the window sill, the decorative effect is luxurious and generous, but the pads are easier to get vacuum! It is difficult to clean up!

4. Snowy Window Cushion

Snowy is also a very popular bay window cushion material. It is soft and comfortable, and it looks more beautiful! But the disadvantage is that it is easy to stain in dust, but compared with wool pads, it is easier to clean!

How to do the bay window cushion window sill?

Step 1: Measurement size

First of all, the size of the bay window sill must be measured to determine the length and width. Only in the actual speculation process can it be widened according to specific needs!


Step 2: Material material

Sitting directly on the bay window sill, the bay window cushion can play the role of direct contact between the body and the cold countertop. The inside of the cushion is generally practical and thick sponge. In terms of the choice of fabrics, different materials not only have different softness and comfort. , More different visual and aesthetic effects!

Step 3: Procurement

After the material of the fixed bay window cushion, you should purchase it in the market. According to the previously measured size, the necessary sewing width should be added! All owners can also choose different patterns according to their preferences and home decoration styles at home decoration styles. And pattern!

Step 4: sewing

This step requires a very hard cutting technology and sewing technology! Use the fabric to wrap the sponge and sew it on the edge! You can also add a tassel or ruffled edge to the edge!

Step 5: Place

After the completion of the bay window cushion, put it on the bay window sill, and you can add tatami properly! Create a comfortable and comfortable environment!

If you have a strong sewing technology, don’t waste it in vain! Use your own needle and one line to dress your home, and it will be more warm to live! How can the bay window pads do it yourself? What material is good for bay window pads? Do you know the relevant knowledge? Try it quickly!