Buy the top layer to send the attic, and the shape of the children’s bed with the lower top, the “big palm” can save tens of thousands of


It is a pity to buy a house on the top floor to send the attic. The decoration inspiration is given by the majority of netizens. When others spit the diagonal attic can only be used as a miscellaneous matter, I discovered a very useful use -the children’s bed under the diagonal top, and the places with large slap can also be. Promote benefits for your family.

The attic is really chicken ribs, especially the position of the diagonal angle. The layer height is lower. If there is no sunroof, the sense of oppression is very strong! How to use it if you do a children’s room here? Few people have shared this design before that, let’s take a look:

Floor bed+modeling framework,


Everyone knows that the floor bed is relatively short. Compared to the average bedboard, it is not easy to pull down the layer height under the sloping top. The shape of a “house” for children’s beds can be covered up to the top surface to reduce the depression brought by the diagonal top.


Tatami+modeling framework

Compared with buying a finished children’s room, on the one hand, the height of the bed can be controlled, and the other is to fit the walls to make different shapes of beds. By the way, you can do everything, which can be regarded as space -saving.


There is a suggestion here. Under the necessary circumstances, try not to be a children’s room! It is difficult and hot, it is difficult to look up when it comes to the top of the top. It is inevitable that there will be no sense of depression in my heart after a long time. The installation method is considered from residential comfort.

The children’s bed under the diagonal top, no matter how good the tricks are made, I don’t recommend it! On the contrary, the following 5 equipment is the design of the full score in my heart:


① Putting trapezoidal wardrobe under the diagonal top

Pack out the oblique wall space, design a group of ladder -shaped wardrobe with the wall, perfectly fit the space, and the corner of the chicken wall has become a storage treasure.

② Change the independent storage room

It is not impossible to change the attic into an independent storage room. Rest downstairs, entertain downstairs, put things upstairs, how good it is to clean up the house! However, if you want to make a storage room in the attic, you can’t install the cabinet at will, and it is wise to fit the wall.


The card can be said to be a spatial artifact, which is matched with the diagonal top without increased pressure. If there is a sunroof here, you can also experience the pleasure of the bay window in a card seat. If you read a book, you can also look at the window and relax.

④ Slip Dream Window Instead of Electric Remote Ceramous Window


If the conditions are allowed, it is too cool to open an electric remote control sunroof on the attacultation of the attachment! The sense of vision is twice as spacious than in the past. When you press the remote control gently, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. The effect does not lose the floor -to -ceiling window on the large flat floor. At this time, the attic is completely an observation building!

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