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Talk about the boss in my eyes


On the way to studying Chinese medicine, I am actually a wayward child. When I was a senior, I learned clinical lessons, and I did not like to listen to the teachers of this discipline. Until one day, I discovered the existence of boss Huang, and I really saw what is the real combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, what is the thinking and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, and what is the direction we should work hard today.

1 Unique Chinese medicine tumor syndrome differentiation

What attracted me at the beginning was that Mr. Huang classified various tumors and chemotherapy drugs according to the cold and heat of Chinese medicine, and established and improved.

Syndrome differentiation system for traditional Chinese medicine tumors

This is an important milestone to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine tumors.


Teacher Huang has further discovered in many years of clinical practice,

The growth of tumors is related to its pathological type

For example, the tumor of the mouth, throat, and esophageal parts in the digestive tract tumor is often squamous carcinoma. As soon as it arrives, it becomes adenocarcinoma. The cardiac -shaped colon is still adenocarcinoma. It is related to the “Qingyang Family in Qingyang, and the turbid yin goes to the five internal organs”.

Look at different types of tumors in the same part of the same part, such as lung cancer. From the perspective of imaging, scales and small cell carcinoma are mostly growing near the large branches, which is obviously related to smoking. It is considered to be scoiled in fireworks.


How do you know different chemotherapy drugs? It is the symptoms of different sidelines caused by it. Pucanol is the most likely to cause joint pain, which is a cold medicine; Jianxuan is a hot medicine, and thermal medicine hurts both yang (white blood cells) and yin (red blood cells). Let’s take a look at the choice of tumor chemotherapy schemes. There are many the same or similar drugs of superficial lymphoma and small cell carcinoma; the first choice for breast cancer is the best choice; small cell lung cancer and spermatogenoma are selected with EP schemes; pancreas The effect of cancer health is good, and the paclitaxel is not ideal, all of which indicate that the tumor is cold and heat.


It is significant to distinguish the cold and heat


Based on the cold and heat of the tumor, the cold and heat attributes of chemotherapy drugs, and the patient’s own physical condition, comprehensively considers the selection of chemotherapy schemes, instead of blindly chasing blind follow -up guidelines, which reflects the traditional Chinese medicine

Personalized diagnosis

, Improve the efficiency of chemotherapy.

Chinese medicine western medicine &

In fact, the teacher not only develops yin and yang syndrome differentiation into the cold and heat theory of tumor and chemotherapy drugs, but to incorporate various common tumors into the cognitive system of traditional Chinese medicine. Whether it is symptoms of symptoms, examinations, images, and pathological results, it can be. Turn into the clues of the disease according to the traditional Chinese medicine ideas and use it for me. How to know red blood cells and white blood cells with Chinese medicine? What dietary habits are related to CEA? What is the difference between lung hair cooker, metastases and frosted glass shadows? These weird problems are the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine at a deep level. Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine are like left and right hands. It can be more effective to cooperate with each other. This is the ideal combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine in my heart.

Teacher Huang also defines the tumor to understand the advantages and deficiencies of the treatment of tumors in China and the West, emphasizing the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, so that the western medicine colleagues sounded frequently.

Teacher Huang proposed:

“Why do most Chinese medicine dare not talk about Chinese medicine to suppress tumor?

Differential is defective

, Excessive emphasis on classic four -diagnosis syndrome, most of which are only rough systemic dialectics of macro and time limit. This treatment is overly emphasized by the whole body.

There are less local treatment methods

It is not enough attention. If it can strengthen local drug needle, the curative effect will be greatly improved.


2 three -dimensional treatment ideas

In August last year, Teacher Huang founded

Acupuncture minimally invasive oncology

, I also “seven to eight” became a graduate student at the 2015 grade, and followed the teacher to continue learning with the teacher on the new platform. The name of this department sounds fresh, and my classmates asked me, “Are you learning acupuncture?”

Teacher Huang’s creativity proposed “Rebuilding the function of strong immune surveillance in the tumor area -TCM targeted immunoma -suppressed tumor therapy”, acupuncture and medicinal centered, targeted immunomardic tumor.

The department combines minimally invasive, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, immunity, targeted, diet, and mental conditioning to maximize the quality of life, control the elimination of tumors, and extend the survival period. This

Comprehensive treatment model

It is in line with the development trend of the latest treatment of tumors today.


Acupuncture and tumor suppression mechanism

Acupuncture enhances immunity

It is the immune function that can be used around the tumor to improve the tumor’s micro -environment. The manifestation of local immune enhancement is that there is local redness and nodules in the eye of the needle eye. In the place where acupuncture is acupuncture, other parts of qi and blood can only feel sleepy. This is just like old patients feel sleepy after meals). The mechanism of acupuncture and tumor can be understood as: acupuncture is like a foreign body, which stimulates local strong immune function (such as reactions that can be discharged by themselves in daily life), and mobilize systemic immune cells to gather parts.

Teacher Huang’s thoughts of acupuncture and foreign governance are not static. We dig rules in many individual cases, promote to more patients, think about new problems, then think, improve treatment strategies, and constantly update. Take a fire needle, for example, the efficacy of some patients is not so ideal, so can you consider giving the evil way? With the corresponding hematopoietic therapy, the patient reflects the local lymph node pain and discomfort significantly reduced.

3 Follow the footsteps of Boss Huang!

Teacher Huang has been thinking about it, as long as it is beneficial to the patient. I will reveal our latest attention: Teacher Huang has recently been very interested in muscle fascia theory. We combined with the muscle fascia theoretical experts and the Yishang Chuanren to explore the relationship between the formation and metastasis of the tumor. Is it related to a specific posture or exercise? Can loosening and adhesive fascia and dredging local qi and blood can it prevent the occurrence of tumors and prevent recurrence and metastasis? We will do more research around these.

Someone once asked me, “What do you think your teacher is most prominent?” I said, it was him


Essence Basic prescriptions can be remembered, and the foreign governance method can also be copied. However, the teacher’s attention, thinking, and solving the problem is unique and unable to copy.


Have you ever heard the four doors of the teacher’s treatment of chest water? If you have heard it, you will know how rigorous the teacher’s thinking is, and how rigorous his thinking is! He studied a set of practical and efficient tumors and its complications acupuncture treatment. It is no wonder that some acupuncture masters’ thinking and need to admire the teacher’s thinking and needle (the teacher is studying Chinese medicine, not a graduate of acupuncture).

Listening to Teacher Huang’s lecture is a challenge. At first, you may not understand. Slowly you will realize that you will realize it.


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