“Some people are driving on the road on the road on the road”, Beijing Police reports: Two people were detained by administrative detention


Source: Ping An Beijing Huairou

In response to the situation of “Fanzaki Road, Huairou District, someone on the road on the road on the road”, the Huai Rou police conducted an investigation according to law.After investigation, at 17:00 on August 10, 2021, when Teng (male, 37 years old) and Cai Mouyan (female, 39 years old) drove a passenger car to Fanqi Road, Yanqi Town, Huairou District, the two were entertainment.The mentality, Cai Mouyan drove the vehicle, Teng was sitting in the co -pilot position to control the remote control car carried with the car, and kept the remote control vehicle on the road in front of the passenger car.The motorcycles drove by Yin and others, and the two sides stopped.


At present, Teng Mou and Cai Mouyan have been administrative detention by the Huairou Public Security Bureau according to law; the traffic management department of the public security traffic management department involved in the traffic violations involved in relevant personnel is punished according to law.