Toothpaste cannot be purchased blindly Be sure to buy the one that suits you


When I was young, I always envious of the stars with a white teeth,

And your teeth are always “yellow and yellow”

My mother told me: “Because you brush your teeth too fast, you don’t brush it clean.”

From then on, brushing has become the most important job of my day,

I am not missing once every morning and evening,

And try to whiten various teeth,

But the teeth not only did not turn white, but also bleeding gums.

I only understand when I grow up,

It turns out the bright white teeth of the star,

It’s not just as simple as brushing, just

It may be used in cold light whitening, resin -faced whiten

Of course, a bite of white teeth realized by the price of sky cannot bear it.

Then just try some reliable and cost -effective methods.

Cleansing small TIPS




Good wash habits, keep your teeth clean;



Pay attention to the balanced diet, which helps to maintain the health of the teeth and reduce the emergence of various types of dental diseases;



Choosing the right toothpaste is a key link to keep the teeth clean.

First of all, you must understand the main components of toothpaste and the effects of different types of toothpaste. Only in this way can you find one that suits you.

Fluoride toothpaste:

It is to add an appropriate amount of fluoride to the toothpaste to achieve the purpose of reducing the occurrence of dental caries. Young and elderly people can choose to use it, and school -age children should be used with caution;


Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste:


It is a traditional Chinese medicine drug that has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, anti -inflammatory and hemostasis on the basis of ordinary toothpaste, which has a certain auxiliary effect on alleviating inflammation of the gums.

Anti -inflammatory toothpaste:

Add some antibacterial drugs to the basis of ordinary toothpaste to eliminate inflammation and antibacterial, inhibit the formation of dental and plaque. Such toothpaste is not recommended for long -term use, and it takes 2 months to replace it;

Anti -allergic toothpaste:

It has a certain relief effect on dental allergies, and people with sensitive dental essence can be used;

Dirty white toothpaste:

It has the effect of white teeth and is suitable for people who drink tea or smoke for a long time.

In the face of so many brands of toothpaste on the market, which one is more suitable for us? Brother onion has been selected for you.

Red Seal red -seal small soda toothpaste

A soda toothpaste has a cold mint, which is effective and fresh. After using soda toothpaste, the soda can reduce the symptoms of stomatitis and throat during mouthwash.

Red Seal Red Seal natural propolis toothpaste

Still troubled by problems such as bleeding gums, gum inflammation, oral ulcer? Or try this natural propolis toothpaste. Adding natural propolis ingredients can effectively protect the gums, have antibacterial, beauty and beauty, and promote cell regeneration.

Bamboo Salt bamboo salt double -effect relief anti -allergic toothpaste

Put the yellow sea salt into the green bamboo, seal the loess at both ends, use pine wood as the burning raw material, refine high -quality bamboo salt nine times at 1500 ° C high temperature, integrate into the toothpaste, work with UDCA and other tooth protective ingredients, strong care of the mouth, soothing the gums, soothing the gums Sensitive problems, drive away gum disease.

Bamboo Salt Bamboo Salt Himalayan salt toothpaste

Select the precious Himalayan powder salt in the clean snow area, help gentle cleaning teeth, care for gum health, and coupled with high -temperature combustion coagulated bamboo salt, which helps reduce the residues such as tea stains, coffee stains, and restore bright white teeth.

Media Micrian 93%bright white removal toothpaste (white solid teeth)


Innovate cleaning factors such as silicon dioxide, efficiently clear the accumulation of tooth stains, calculus, and plaque, inhibit the formation of dental stones, and the cleaning effect is as high as 93%. While cleaning the teeth, accompanied by the in -depth nourishment of the multi -fixing tooth factors, strengthen the enamel, enhance the calcium of the teeth, and stay away from the tooth decay trouble.

Median McGrady Gingles Anti -Allergic Toothpaste Fresh Mint

Extract aloe and ginkgo leaves cleverly, accompanied by delicate bubbles to easily disintegrate stubborn tooth stains, reproduce the natural brilliance of the teeth, and inject the power of the gingival to protect the gingival to provide a comprehensive guardian of the teeth.

They are all good reputation. When you buy a few more boxes, the whole family can use it, and easily brush out a bite of white teeth.

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