Glory of the King: Miledi welcomes 6 yuan skin, purple shorts cry! Xiao Qiao’s early damage strengthened


Since the Glory of King Glory has entered the S27 season, although the version balance is not very good, the speed of Tianmei’s new skin has indeed improved a lot, which has led many players to spit out gold. In fact, Tianmei should put some thoughts on the game experience. Listen to players’ suggestions, after all, players want to have a good game experience.


Miledi welcomes new skin, purple shorts are designed as highlights


Miledi, the most advanced ability in the canyon, has not been very impressive, because the strength gap between Miledi’s front and late stage is too great, and the previous period is very strong. Decline, even with his teammates, Tianmei has announced official announcement, Miledi ushered in a 6 yuan time -limited killing skin. Let’s take a look.

The skin is named “Contract Magic”, which is a magic -themed skin. It can be seen from the poster that Miledi’s clothing is mainly color and blue. Although the appearance of the screen has not been re -designed, the color of the mechanical Pu is also changed to purple. The clothing is a highlight of this skin. The design of the shorts is fascinated by many otaku players, and there are purple stockings, off -the -shoulder style, off -the -shoulder style The top of the top looks very enchanting and does not lose its temperament.

Internal effect,

The special effects of Miledip’s attack will appear purple lightning, and the sense of strike is still very strong. One skill hit the enemy will have purple special effects. The recognition is still very high. It should be said that the mechanical servant of this skin is a bit big in the game. Although the special effects are not very gorgeous, as a brave -level skin, I personally feel that I can barely say the past, and even many players say that after buying it, the effect of watching the outside world is okay. It is a bit less.


Xiao Qiao’s early damage strengthened

As an old mage, Xiao Qiao’s debut rate and winning percentage this season have decreased a lot. This official service update has strengthened the skills of Xiao Qiao and the damage of big moves. In fact, the purpose of planning this is obvious. It is to strengthen Xiao Qiao’s early damage, because the version of the version is accelerating and Xiao Qiao’s development cycle is long, so the planning will strengthen it. After adjusting, Xiao Qiao, especially in the later period, will be considered considerable. Looking forward to strengthening Xiao Qiao’s performance.


The above is all the contents of this issue. What do you think of this skin of Milledi? Welcome to leave a message below, let your comments be seen by more friends, let’s discuss it together, remember to pay attention!