Is the fetus still weird? Believe in science ~ (Part 1)


There is nothing worse than tabbing, whether it is the rain on the way to work or on the weekend to accompany the girl in the mountains. Is it possible to avoid it? That’s not, but you can try to take some measures to reduce the chances of tied tires to destroy the good mood of cycling. Let’s take a look at the following suggestions:


The design orientation of the tire has its own characteristics: some are designed lightly and fast, and some are designed with thorns to wear and durable. Regardless of whether you ride a carbon rack or commute bicycle, it is advisable to use the previous pair of tires with a certain piercing protection.

The materials for anti -tires can prevent sharp objects such as glass or vermiculite from penetrating tire rubber and touch the inner tire. Add a layer of Kafera or similar tough materials to the lightweight road tires. When the weight is not the first consider the object (such as commuting or long distance), adding a layer of rubber under the tire is effective measures.


Anti -tires will increase some weight, but if you don’t want to change your tires, this is just a small price.



Turnive tires means that the inner tires are pierced by sharp objects such as nails, hard spines or glass fragments. Of course, there is nothing to pierce in the inner tire ~ Even better, the inner tire is replaced with a self -replenishment, which can block the smaller holes, which can actually eliminate the fetal tire. This technology originated from cars and motorcycles is becoming more and more popular in the field of road vehicles.

Equipping vacuum tires require more early investment. You need to be compatible with the rims of vacuum tires and special tires, but more and more new types of road vehicles are pushing a rim that is also tolerate and vacuum tires, so you may only need to prepare a vacuum tire. With a special air mouth, a bottle of self -replenishment and a little bit of skills, you can always abandon the inner tire.

Internal tire

There are many types of inner tires, from ultra -light latex inner tires to thick butyl tires. Tintic internal tires are more common, but their craftsmanship is different. Ordinary tires usually use 1mm thick rubber, but the ultra -light version can reduce the thickness of the rubber to 0.6mm, but as the weight decreases, the risk of tires also increases.

Some people claim that the internal tires of latex can actually prevent piercing, because this material will deformed around the sharp objects.

Latex tires need to be diligent. Although they are much lighter than internal tires, they are more expensive and cannot guarantee 100 % to avoid tires. For the old iron that is riding every day, you always don’t want to get angry with a small chance of tie your fetus ~


Do you have any good ideas for preventing tires? Welcome to discuss ~