Son’s jeans


When his son was in the third grade of elementary school, he took off a little fat pier. The pants are particularly difficult to buy, especially the season of Xiaqiu alternate, either the waist is too small or the pants are long.

So after class, I kept turning around in various children’s clothing stores. Later, the pants worn by a big boy (that is, youth) were found in a shop. It was a soft denim fabric. The pants were short. Comfortable, it should be more comfortable to wear.


When I asked the price, I was stunned, and a pair of pants cost 80 yuan. Now 80 yuan, it may not be much, but at that time, more than ten years ago, 80 yuan should be a bit expensive. After several negotiations, the owner did not mean cheap, and when he looked at it, he bit his teeth and bought it.


Sure enough, after returning home, the son was wearing a special fit, the waist was not tight, and the length of the pants was also suitable. It was just a cropped pants. The child was very satisfied. I looked at the pants he wore, a bit like wide -leg pants, so I had to shook my head helplessly and smiled. But the child is very happy, especially if he knows that his pants are 80 yuan.

This pants accompany the child’s summer and autumn season, wears nine -point trousers to seven -point trousers, and to five -point pants, and finally become a pair of shorts. The child is always reluctant to throw away. Fortunately The higher, the gradually lost again. The pants accompany the child for six or seven years. Finally, the pants became weathered. Like paper, it was broken.

In the end, I helplessly, I lost it [laughing and crying]

Now think about it, it is still worth spending 80 yuan to buy this pants. [Ling Guangyi Flash] [Lingling Flash] [Sparkling Light] [Ling Light Flash] [Ling Guangyi Flash] [Ling Light Flash] [Spirit Light Flash]