Large marine crankshaft technology released internationally “corner overtaking” in Shanghai


China New Network Shanghai April 15 (Wang Zi Tao) “Changqiang this time created a large-scale forging process for large marine low-speed diesel tract abduction parts in the world, achieving the ‘corner overtaking of international advanced technology Zhou Qiqi, general manager of Shanghai Changqiang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., said that the technology is “China’s creation” that has complete independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly position in Korea enterprises in this field.

Shanghai Changqiang “world-class proprietary technology – large full-mode forging ship with low-speed diesel engine song forgings” was held on Songjiang in Shanghai on the 15th. The so-called full-mode forging large marine low-speed diesel crankshaft technology refers to forging plastic technology for achieving disposable key components in a high temperature and high pressure environment. It can save 30% -70% of raw materials at a time, reduce 50% carbon emissions, is Typical green manufacturing technology.

It is reported that Shanghai Changqiang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise that specializes in fire-powered, nuclear power, military and other key components manufacturing and material application. The promotion of the scientific and technological achievements will drive a series of strategic suppliers and cooperation third parties as representatives of Baowu Iron and steel to form a new industrial chain while providing technical support and industrial support for similar key technologies.

After the new technology is formed, how to quickly land the roots to achieve industrialization? How to benefit more upstream companies? The company’s long triangle G60 Kuangchuang Corridor, facing the Yangtze River Triangle, through 13 industrial alliances, 11 scientific achievements transfer transformation base, 26 scientific and technological achievements cooperation matrices, will be widely reported “, Not only benefit up and downstream companies, but also drive the overall active activities of the surrounding industry chain, further consolidating” China Manufacturing “to” China Created “Industry Chain Foundation. (Finish)

Source: China News Net