36 batches of jewelery and jade were not qualified, Saturday, Emperor Jewelry, and Zaki on the list


Nandu News Intern Party Menghua reporter Chen Yangkai

On December 10, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau issued the results of jewelry and jade quality sampling results: 36 batches of jewelry and jade were unqualified, and the unqualified detection rate was 45%, an increase of 13 percentage points from last year. This random inspection targets 80 brands sold in 13 malls such as Xuhui, Changning, Jing’an, Huangpu, etc., 80 brands sold in 13 shopping malls including Dasaru Department Store, Oriental Commercial Building, Land Plaza, Wanda Department Store, Wanda Department Store, Huilian Commercial Building And quality sampling. Compared with the random inspections over the years, the unqualified situation of the two projects in Baoyu Stone and the logo is more serious.

24 batches


Big jade identification is unqualified

Emperor Jewelry

, Zoya and other brands on the list

The identification of the 24 batches of treasure jade is unqualified, and the unqualified projects mainly involve the inconsistent requirements of the name, the lack of nominal name, and the inconsistency of the corporate logo. According to national standards, the name of jewelery and jade should be determined in accordance with the basic names, name rules and requirements. Various gems, especially precious gems, have different market values, and their names are inaccurate. It may be misleading consumption to cause consumers to suffer economic losses. In the unqualified list of Baoyu Stone, well -known brand Emperor Jewelry was on the list.

The specific unqualified information is that the nominal nominal sales sold by Shanghai Xinwan Department Store Co., Ltd. in Huangpu Store, New World Oshima Department is produced (or supplied) produced by Emperor Watch Jewelry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Specifications: 18K Golden Gem EPS1-0.58CT SPS1-0.67ct 3.7080g DRD39-0.417ct). The actual measurement is sapphire/emerald, and the corporate nominal nominal is inconsistent with the measurement. In this spot check, there are two batches of products that are not qualified. The official website of Zaki shows that it has customized jewelry for many film and television works, including “Summer Solstice”, “If Snails have Love”, “Why Sheng Xiao Mu” and so on.

The official website of Zaki showed that it was designed with a customized jewelry for multiple film and television works.

36 batches of product logos are unqualified

Saturday, Shanghai Golden Store was named


The 36 batches of logo are unqualified, mainly because the names and varieties of the jewelry are unqualified, and the label quality and number are missing. Among them, the name name of the 30 batches of accessories is unqualified, the variety names of the 7 batches of jewelry are not qualified, the quality of 1 batch label is unqualified, the standard number of 16 batches of label products is unqualified, 8 batches of 8 batches, 8 batches Label sales enterprises or production enterprises are unqualified.

Saturday Fook Jewelry Co., Ltd. produced (or supply) Gold AU750 diamond women’s ring, foot gold jade ring, identification, logo-label unqualified. The nominal nominal sold by Shanghai Huilian Commercial Building Co., Ltd. in Xuxihui Store in Huilian Charity Building is “Shanghai Golden Store” brand platinum PT900 sapphire pendant (model specification: S1.040CT D: 0.270CT precious metal quality produced by Shanghai Golden Store : 1.22g), the material name is lacking, and it is not marked with diamonds. The national standard requires that the name of the accessories must be identified as the name of all the materials, so that consumers have the most intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the jewelry and jade they bought.

The Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in 2019 is unqualified by the unqualified sampling of jewelry and jade quality sampling.


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