The fleece coat looks good and warm, how to clean it is a problem


In the blink of an eye, it has been established, and the first snow arrives as expensive. The temperature dropped fast, and everyone must have changed into a heavy winter clothes. In addition to traditional winter clothing such as down jackets and woolen coats, many new trend elements have poured in in recent years, such as imitation rabbit velvet, granular velvet, lambskin, etc. are very popular cotton fabrics in recent years. Not only should we take care of warmth, but also add a touch of color to the whole winter.


However, despite the good -looking wear, the clothes of this kind of fleece fabric have a headache. After the fleece clothes are pierced, it is extremely easy to absorb water and it is difficult to scrub. If it is simply thrown into the washing machine, it is easy to damage the surface fluff, causing the ball or hair loss problem. If it is regional stains, it is easy to leave water marks after cleaning the laundry solution, which will affect the aesthetics. So, how to better clean the winter clothing of the fooled fabric?

Imitate rabbit velvet, mink velvet to avoid rubbing as much as possible

Let’s take a look at the imitation rabbit velvet fabric. This is a polyester fiber fabric that has been improved by special craftsmanship and equipment. Like imitation mink velvet fabrics, it is generally based on chemical fiber textiles such as polyester. Change the shape of fiber cross -section, organic processing agent treatment, and no curls, increase the difference in the difference between the fiber friction coefficient, make the fabric is smooth and resistant to the ball, and improve the fluffy and breathable. Inner cotton, the outer layer can see the hair shape, similar to a bundle and a bundle. Among them, the tidal agent is a catalyst that uses specific temperatures and filtering catalysts to give the fiber surface a layer of washing film with a layer of washing film, making it soft and smooth feel of rabbit hair. Although there is no real rabbit hair, it is cheap and easy to wash.

The easiest problem to face the rabbit velvet is the hair loss,

So try to choose neutral detergent, add a little salt to the water, and choose the appropriate water temperature, about 30 ° C just right.

Do not rub or use the washing board when cleaning. You should rinse gently with water. After the end, use water to rinse twice or three times, so that the effect of anti -hair removal will be better.


Granules or lamb cashmere? Thousands of points are clear

Pill velvet is a fabric made of large round machines, mostly composed of 70%polyester and 30%of the 腈. Shake the particles fluffy and dense without hairy and balls. Special, feel soft. And this type of pills can be processed with all fabrics, which not only improves the effect of cold protection. Because it has been treated with complex process, the surface of the fabric surface is loose and granular. Take care of it better.

Generally, there will be a cleaning label on the clothing, telling us if we can wash and drift water, as well as the highest temperature that can be accepted by washing, and whether it is necessary to perform negative cleaning.

If some areas are dirty on the pilling clothing, as long as the detergent is added to the room temperature, and the stains are rubbed with your hands; if there are no obvious or difficult stains on the clothes, just hand it over to the washing machine. After drilling Normally dry.

However, it is estimated that the weight is good to avoid overweight.

Besides, many people will mix lamb cashmere and granular velvet. In fact, the ingredients of lambskin have more wool components, and lambs are not professional terms, they are just used to call. It belongs to ultra -fine wool, between cashmere and ordinary wool, and real lambs are made of selective long wool or ultra -fine wool textiles. The texture will be very delicate, not as rough as the velvet, and it feels very soft. Of course, its cost will be more expensive.

The clothes of lambsm fabrics must be carefully taken care of. It cannot machine washing because the lambs are composed of fibrin. The special fluff structure determines that the lamb hair cannot melt the water directly, and the machine washing is too strong, which not only causes the machine, not only causes not only to cause it, but not only can it cause it, which will not only result Deformation of clothing is also easy to destroy the fluffy and warmth of the fluff.

If it is only local stains, you can use the salt to clean.


Apply a large amount of salt to the stains, use a soft brush to brush, until the stain is removed, and then the salt on the lamb hair jacket shakes off. Finally, use a soft hair comb and a hair dryer to blow the salt completely and blow it to the fluffy wool. It is really dirty or accidentally covered with stains, it is best to do dry cleaning.


Crossing the care machine with clothing

The above solutions are based on the characteristics of the fabric itself, setting the most basic solution. Today, in the era of technology, the clothing care function of the washing machine and the special clothing care machine can be easily cleaned and treated with fleece.

The washing machine with air washing function is a good choice.

No need to use water, air washing can be used to cycle hot air through UT ultrasonic and micro steam, and the water is converted into nano -level mist particles, which can achieve quickly penetrating fiber and stretching clothes. Remove the dust and odor on the clothes through the hot air flow, and then remove the impurities through the cold air flow to restore the original texture and color of the clothing. At the same time, it uses 60 ° C to perform sterilization and poison. Storage is more at ease. It is most suitable for the clothing of the fleece fabric. After cleaning, the feel is warmer and fluffy.

In addition, you can use it


Clothing care machines to handle fleece clothing.

It can reduce unnecessary cleaning steps, integrate functions such as drying, mites, and ironing. It is precisely carried out for clothes that are not suitable for washing or dry washing. In daily life, you can put a cotton jacket, down jacket, or some high -end clothing directly on the clothing care machine. Its high -frequency swinging shelf can not only help the clothes stretch gently, but the low -temperature drying technology can be gently baked by absorbing moisture. Dry clothes, thereby reducing the wear in the process of frequent cleaning of clothing, and then disinfection through high temperature, always maintain the warmth and health of winter clothing.

Maybe you have been dismissed because you don’t know how to take care of the plush clothes. After understanding the characteristics and washing methods of these fabrics, you can buy it with peace of mind. In short, choose the right product according to your own needs and budgets, let the demeanor and temperature coexist in this cold winter!