Pan Chenchun wears purple suits with porn jeans, fashionable age reduction, comes with playfulness


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Mention that suits generally appear in more formal or business occasions, but with the differentiation and personalization of modern fashion, in addition to high -level and fashion, there are more innovations. Many fashionistas and stars use it even more. The new matching method presents the fashion and personality of the suit. Pan Chen, a singer who debuted in the draft, used this purple suit with broken -hole jeans to welcome the coming of spring. He put on a black bottoming shirt inside, fashionable age, and his own playfulness.

Pan Chen’s underlying purple basic color with black printing logo, with a sense of high -level, the oversize version guarantees comfort and the effect of covering meat, using the softness of texture fabrics, plus the design of slim shoulders and shoulder pads. The silhouette of the suit is fully presented to improve the thin and thin effect. With a black round neck shirt inside, the hem is inserted into the high waist of jeans to make the fitting better. The perfect slimming highlights the body curve. Together with the purple suit, we can easily wear a sense of layering to further improve the fashion degree.


In order to break the more tough and old -fashioned suit, Pan Chen was paired with ripped jeans with high waist and wide legs, which perfectly created a trendy dress that suits you. The blue of jeans is particularly fresh and generous. The wide -leg version sags naturally along the leg curve of the legs, extending the visual length of the legs, plus the looming skin brought by the holes, handsome and stylish Clips look younger and fashionable.

Through the combination of Pan Chen’s purple suit with a black bottoming shirt, it breaks the stereotype of the simple and simple format characteristics, especially the lower body with this very fashionable ripped jeans, which even presents the trend of the suit instantly.


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