Winter protection measures for screw air compressors


Winter protection measures for screw air compressors

Concrete water is common in screw air compressors. It is formed in the system and precipitates at low places, including gas storage tanks. In winter, if the discharge is not timely, the condensation water will freeze, causing the pipeline to break. In winter and other months in the year, it is important to check the oil barrels every week to ensure that there will be no condensation. Even a small part of the water accumulation should be discharged immediately. On when a large amount of water occurs in a few days, it may be a signs of bad situation in the system. Of course, you can consider installing an automatic drain valve. Although this move is small, it can be prevented.

1. Anti -freezing treatment of external pipes and condensed water discharge pipes. If the temperature in the area is expected to fall to zero, it is necessary to stick to the drain pipe exposed to the outside to prevent frozen tape.

2. Frozen water and frozen oil.


When the temperature drops below zero, many problems will happen, and the tricky is water and oil. Do a good job of oil temperature monitoring to prevent the oil from being too low, so that the machine cannot lubricate or seal. Secondly, the oil freezing can also cause compressor failure or stop.

3. Keep warm measures for air compressors.

If there is no heating in the machine room, you can provide additional heat with a small heater.

Screw air compressor management when stopping

1. After stopping, the gas must be discharged to the display 0.0Bar, and then the valve must be turned off. Open the water compressor, gas storage tank, and dry water storage valve. Turn off the air and condensate water after the discharge.

2. It is recommended to start once a week for a long time, and repeat the above actions after 3 hours.

3. In cold and low temperature weather, we should often pay attention to the operation of the screw air compressor, do regular maintenance, prevent the failure of the air compressor, and ensure the smooth progress of production.

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