Nordic album 丨 classic single chair that must not be missed in a lifetime


Nordic album 丨 classic single chair that must not be missed in a lifetime


“Good” chair with its name like its sound

Vitra / Hal Tube Golden Foot Chair / Jasper Morrison / 2010

Brand: Vitra Origin: Germany RMB 1800

The location of Maruni is Hiroshima, which was put on the atomic bomb by World War II. At the time of the war, it was not damaged by the wooden craftsmanship of their excellence. Naoto Shenze designed by subtraction, returning to the purest of the woodworker chair, in line with the back of the human body, with his arms with silk and greasy, gently covered handrails, experienced the skills of the details, the genuine Shenze -style ” Without “works.


Smile and slightly curved warm beyl wood

Maruni / Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima Hiroshima / Naoto Naoto / 2008

Brand: Maruni Origin: Japan RMB 7700


Miracle envelope with a load of 160 kg

Flux / FLUX Suitable Chair / DOUWE JACOBS & Tom SchouTen / 2009

Brand: FLUX Origin: Dutch RMB 1180

Who can think of the peculiar concept of folding information, can it be applied to a single chair? Not only has it high elasticity, comfortable for luxury levels, breakthrough weight and various restrictions, you can enjoy the beauty of a single chair everywhere. Just a few seconds, you can fold into a comfortable seat. When folding, you can storage concisely and neatly, and the design is convenient for the design to move around, place in various environments, and provide comfortable enjoyment anytime, anywhere.


Common landscapes in Finland’s house

Artek / Chair 69 / Alvar Aalto / 1935

Brand: Artek Place: Finland RMB 4200

If the Finnish family has a dining chair of Alvar Aalto, this is not exaggerated. The most charming part of the CH69 dining chair is the famous L -shaped foot. The clever bending structure solves the need for additional support and improves stability and comfort. Extending to the upper and wider chair back, presenting a warm arc curve, liberating the daily satisfaction and comfort of dining chairs. Nordic people often say that dining tables are the most frequent fields of family interaction. I believe that the existence of a good dining chair is an invisible hero.


The spirit of reflecting Finland’s modern design

Artek / Chair 66 / Alvar Aalto / 1935

Brand: Artek Place: Finland RMB 4250

Finnish master Alvar Aalto often says that design must return to “everyone can enjoy, and it must be extremely durable”, adhering to the enthusiasm of all things, insisting on making each design comfortable and stable. Natural, simple, and durable has become the three most important parts. A practical attitude has only created a unique importance of Finland’s design today. There is no gorgeous promotional attitude, and the L -shaped chair foot has gone through the glory of nearly a century.


Japanese butterfly soaring international

Vitra / Butterfly Stool Butterfly Stool / Liu Zongji / 1954

Brand: Artek Place: Finland RMB 4813

The elegant butterfly shape is the guest of the major collections. The symmetrical beauty of the butterfly wings is precise and perfect, and the details of each steady ride are delicious. Through the design of the Japanese giant Liu Zongli -the “design feel” of a lifetime, you can feel a thoughtful warmth, as if this product is the product is the product. Tailoring for individuals, everything is so hand.


The secret legend of the US Navy in 1940

Emeco / Navy 1006 Navy Chair / 1944

Brand: EMECO Origin: US RMB 5150

The legendary characters shuttle in major movie scenes, whether they are “hacker mission”, “mechanical enemy”, “Batman: Dark Knight”, “Avatar” and so on. The original intention of its design is only when you want to design a single chair that can still be used firmly and firmly when the torpedo bombardment is suffocated on the submarine, but unexpectedly benefit the majority of design fans and film fans. Navy Chair’s hard -core personality and classic shape, the details are not sloppy. After recycling aluminum materials, it is made of 77 work methods. It weighs only 3 kg, but can be durable for 150 years.


The first beauty in the dominance of the single chair industry

Vitra / Panton Chair single chair / Verner Panton / 1999

Brand: Vitra Origin: Germany RMB 2140

The Danish designer Verner Panton’s most classic single chair is not just the appearance of her integrated S -curve, and the details are the key to her as indicators in the history of furniture development. , Anti -UV and 100%environmentally friendly non -toxic; reduced costs, allowing us to start with reasonable prices. Now, imagine the elegant picture of sitting on this beauty chair to watch the newspaper.


A pair of rabbit ears that appease Japanese people

Maruni / SANAA Rabbit Chair / Sister Island and Shihima Lizhi / 2004

Brand: Maruni Origin: Japan RMB 3142

It originated in the 2004 economic crisis. In order to revitalize the happiness of Japanese citizens’ life, the NextMaruni single chair event was held. The first appearance of the SANAA rabbit chair has shocked the focus of the audience. The playful ears and warm and exquisite synthetic boards were unlikely. It was unexpectedly loved by everyone. With architectural bases, regression of human nature, and nature, it is no wonder that every household in Japan will put a good mood rabbit chair!


High chair stool involved in the Michelin storm

mater / high chair model / 2009

Brand: Mater Origin: Danish RMB 5800

The NOMA, the world’s number one Danish restaurant for many years, has carried forward the development of Nordic humanities and arts, allowing more people to rush to feel “what is the Nordic design?” But to interpret it with a single chair, Mater is definitely NOMA in the furniture industry. In -depth subtraction aesthetics and pure organic lines, adhere to traditional craftsmanship, and choose the wood -friendly FSC wood, the most important thing is to implement social influence and strongly promote fair transactions and environmental protection. Mater used a high chair bench to convey a model of environmental protection to the world.


9 ° oblique angle beyond the body’s freedom

Vitra / TIP TON leaning thin chair / barber osgerby / 2011

Brand: Vitra Origin: Italy RMB 2028

Sitting well is not necessarily the best for the body. Under the framework of the positive danger, he asked his feet to rely on the dragon’s waist rod straight from an early age, but he couldn’t help sitting on his two -leisure. The Vitra challenge is just a small corner of the chair foot. Seeing it seems to be a rocking chair, but the key to the 9 ° diagonal angle is accurately grasped, and the slow shaking is stable and comfortable. Is it just to satisfy the mind? That’s wrong! Health research has proved that the 9 ° diagonal angle has strengthened the blood circulation of the whole body and enhanced the spiritual attention, and it makes the body more comfortable.


I have never seen 4.5 mm extremely thin and thin

Vitra / Belleville Side Chair Beautiful City Single Chair / Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec / 2015

Brand: Vitra Origin: Germany RMB 3052

“Flexible!” Bouroullec Brook brothers praised Haikou’s design concept. From an unrestrained line infinite extension, the proportion is constantly actuated. Boldly moved the brain to the Plywood, creating a 4.5 mm extremely slim that has never been seen before, extending into a perfect balance. It has become the designated chair of the world’s most popular coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee Japan’s limited store. No wonder even the Oscar film emperor Eddie Redmayne also loves it!


Real chairs are not afraid of sedentary, day long, the chair power

ARTEK / Stool E60 four -legged round stool Hello Jongerius Special Edition / Alvar Aalto / 1934

Brand: Artek Place: Finland RMB 2562

Some people often ask, where does this round stool seem to have seen it? The long -established good design like Stool 60, it must be easy to see the “tribute version” in the Internet or imitation. We must explain to you very seriously that Artek’s primary persistence is that the materials must be carefully selected from the local white birch forests in Finland. The selection of the top wood must be sorted out and dry outdoors. The process can be used in the first half of the year. Rigidity is not sloppy. The chair is not changed after the season, and it should not be bought if it is broken. It should be comfortable and safe for people at home. Good things that extend).


Comfortable sitting sense with a warm touch

Vitra / Hal Wood Wooden Foot Chair / Jasper Morrison / 2010

Brand: Vitra Origin: Germany RMB 3208

Vitra has been committed to the development of new materials and technology for a long time, and works can be simply integrated into various fields. Hal good chairs have extremely comfortable “good sitting” skills, and the variability of the chair foot is also unpredictable. The gentle wooden feet make the color of the capable chair, but don’t forget its design point. I still want you to sit on it, I can’t help but admire “Sit!”


Wonderful single chair of open -air vine chairs

EMECO / ALFI single chair / jasper morrison / 2015

Brand: EMECO Origin: US RMB 3008

There was no aluminum material for EMECO signature, but when ALFI was launched, it was really amazing. With more than 90%of PP plastic, it follows EMECO’s environmental protection and durability concept. The round and wide seat surface provides a good body feel. It is said that this is the most comfortable single chair in the chair he designed.


“Jump” from cartoon animation chairs

Magis / SAM SON soft back casual chair / Konstantin Grcic / 2015

Brand: Magis Origin: Italy RMB 3855

The Germans are famous for rigorous, German designer Konstantin Grcic is difficult to design such a smooth and soft seat. It turned out that he wanted to design a casual chair like a cartoon childlike. Through the amazing technology of Magis, a variety of soft and hard and elastic seat components are completed: solid cylindrical chair feet, and large strip water pipes are wrapped into handrails and backs, and rich elastic thin -shaped chairs. The childlike style is unforgettable at a glance.


A romantic single chair from a broom

EMECO / Broom Chair single chair / Philippe Starch / 2012

Brand: EMOCO Origin: US RMB 2072

The ghost designer Philippe Starck’s fantasy image has this environmental protection single chair made of recycling plastic and wood chips. For many different tests for the back of the chair, the seat, and the foot of the chair, respectively, the degree of certification reports of weight resistance and impact resistance are obtained. The waterproof and toughness can be stacked. The natural material allows it to have a natural life atmosphere, sliding his fingers across the curve of the chair body, and feeling the romantic atmosphere of its starting point.


Light -like single chair like air

Magis / Air Chair single chair / Jasper Morrison / 2000

Brand: Magis Origin: Italy RMB 936

At first glance, the appearance is simple, but Air Chiar is not small. It is the first chair that uses gas to assist in molding, which can be said to subvert the history of plastic furniture. The special hollow design structure, which exerts the lightness of the extreme, can stabilize the weight of the ride, and more actuary the comfortable angle of stacking and riding. What is even more pleasant is that it has a classic and rich origin, but the price is very close to the people. The first recommendation single chair for novices.

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The location of Maruni is Hiroshima, which was put on the atomic bomb by World War II. At the time of the war, it was not damaged by the wooden craftsmanship of their excellence. Naoto Shenze designed by subtraction, returning to the purest of the woodworker chair, in line with the back of the human body, with his arms with silk and greasy, gently covered handrails, experienced the skills of the details, the genuine Shenze -style ” Without “works.

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